Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest

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Peadiatric out of hospital cardiac arrest is majorly caused by sudden injury as a result of an external force. Due to low survival and poor neurological outcomes resuscitation is considered pointless. For reason there are guidelines that terminates resuscitation of out of hospital traumatic cardiac arrest in older people (Aminoff & Daroff 2014). Though in cases of pre hospital trauma services where a physician is present in the scene provides a better result for paediatric patients than where there is no physician available.

Victoria state in Australia have experienced a wide trauma system. As a result of that they have introduced emergency medical services. The emergency services system consists of ambulance paramedics who have advanced knowledge on life support skills. For that reason, paramedics in Victoria must have a base qualification of a three-year bachelor in health science degree (Gupta, Menon, Ramji & Lodha 2015). A part from that there is a mobile intensive care ambulance. The qualified paramedics in the ambulance are allowed to perform rapid sequence induction, endotracheal intubation and administration of different drugs. In Australia the modern intensive care ambulance paramedic is always operational. Therefore, it is always dispatched to patients with critical illness.

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After a serious consultation between the paramedics, it was determined that the death caused by out of hospital cardiac arrest was at 66.5%. In addition, there are 114 cases that were presumed to be cardiac arrest. A part from that sudden infant death syndrome was realized to be the cause of out of hospital cardiac. It was clinically determined in 63 patients. Among them 5% were confirmed to have cardiac arrest as a result of intentional injuries.

In conclusion, patients should always see the physicians in case of an attack. Future studies are also to be carried to determine which areas have more people peadiatric trauma in order to put in place good measures to treat them. Increase in awareness through education, should also be enhanced as this will enlighten future generations and the entire community on cardiac arrest.

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