Photography in Autopsy

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The Length of the autopsy of the deceased individual will depend on the urgency of the autopsy and the condition of the body. When photographing a dead person, certain procedures are needed to make sure that the autopsy is carried out accordingly (Oliver, 2011). The first step in photographing a dead body is to take photos of the scene where the body was found and the manner in which the body was found (Oliver, 2011).

The next step will require that the photographer takes photos of the dead person’s face. Any objects that interfere with the photography process are removed, and other clearer photographs of the body are taken (Oliver, 2011). The third stage involves the photographer taking photos of the body with measurements and photos without the measurements. The final stage of photography will involve taking photos of the area where the body lay after it has been moved (Oliver, 2011).

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The majority of the challenges that come about in taking the photos include tampering with the evidence. After the individual has died, the person finding him or her may move the body or touch it, hence, tampering with the investigations (Oliver, 2011). The body might also have been killed elsewhere and moved to another location to tamper with the evidence (Oliver, 2011). Third, the person might have died and been burnt to the point of no recognition, therefore, hiding the real cause of the death since the photographs will only show a burnt body and will not show any bruises that might have occurred on the body (Oliver, 2011).

The equipment used to take the photos includes some Cameras, a normal lens, filters, a wide angle lens, a film, a ruler, a flashlight, an extra camera which has an electronic flash, a locking cable, a remote cord and an electronic flash (Oliver, 2011).

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