Pforzheimer Honors College at Pace University Statement

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College education is one of the most important investments one makes in his/her future. College career could also arguably be considered as the first major exposure to the real world for many students. Students usually pursue college education not to add just one more academic degree to their resume but also to build a strong foundation for their professional career. This may be why colleges place huge emphasis on teaching valuable soft skills such as teamwork, leadership, work ethics, communication, time management, and emotional intelligence in addition to course curriculum. College education has even more value for me because I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to study at a leading university in the best national college system in the world. My primary goal as a college student is to maximize my learning as well as personal growth which is why I have decided to attend Pace University’s Pforzheimer Honors College (PHC).

I believe a strong foundation increases the probability of a bright future. I could have chosen an easier path to college education but I perform better when facing tough challenges. It is convenient to stay within a comfortable zone but we only discover our true potential when pushed to the edge. At PHC, I will have tremendous opportunities to test my limits and will also the benefit of interacting with some of the smartest students at the university.

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We live in a world which is increasingly being shaped by the forces of globalization. The competition is not just getting tougher between corporations and nations only but also in the job market. This only increases the importance of continuous learning in order to set oneself apart from others. One of the major reasons I am attracted to an Honors College is that it imparts in students the love for learning. I remember hearing from elders that education ends with college life after which starts our work life. But I believe this is no longer true for our times in which education is now a lifelong process. I hope PHC will help me appreciate the value of learning even more which will greatly benefit me in my professional life.

PHC also appeals to me because it will allow me to learn in a more engaging environment. Honors classes tend to be smaller in sizes which ensure maximum interaction between instructors and students as well as among students. Thus, the focus is not only on grasping the course material but also on skills such as critical thinking which are highly valuable in all aspects of life. Moreover, Honors Students can also undertake independent learning projects which provide many of the benefits mostly available to graduate students only.

I believe in high levels of personal achievements but I also believe we do not exist in this world for improving our own lives only but also for improving the society. The society progresses when individuals dedicate their time and intellectual resources towards improving the lives of less-fortunate. Even though colleges preach the importance of community service to all students, the emphasis is even greater in Honors Programs. I have talked to students who have had the privilege of attending Honors Colleges and they told me that one of the major benefits of interacting with other Honors Students is that most of them are highly motivated to improving the world. In addition, they already have a great deal of ideas due to being extremely smart, thus, interactions among Honors Students tend to be more productive than they are among non-Honors Students. Attending Honors College is even a better experience today because Honors Students are increasingly coming from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. This only improves the quality of ideas shared by Honors Students with each other.

People have different abilities and the chances of one realizing his/her true potential are increased if instructors help students identify and focus on their special talent. In an Honors College, instructors have the economic and time resources to help Honors Students recognize their special talent and work towards further polishing it. This personalized approach towards education is not only more effective but I even see it as the future of education.

I am aware of the fact that even some high-achieving students hesitate in attending an Honors College because they fear the additional academic workload may negatively affect their GPA and, thus, their career prospects. I do not deny the importance of having a good GPA but I believe personal development is more important than GPA when it comes to long-term career prospects. Honors Colleges helps students significantly improve soft skills that are as important if not more than technical skills. In addition, attending an Honors College also sends the message to the prospective employers that the individual in question embraces challenges and is capable of thriving in high-pressure work environments.

PHC also emerged as a first choice for me because of its strategic location in New York City, arguably the most cosmopolitan city in the world. Education doesn’t only take place in classrooms but also outside classrooms and the city provides numerous opportunities for students to broaden their thinking horizon. Thus, PHC will not only provide me with quality formal learning resources but also give me access to countless informal learning resources.

I look forward to spending some of the most exciting and productive years of my life at PHC. I have no doubt I will be a highly successful Honors Student and my past academic record is a testament to my commitment to excellence in everything I do. Pace University has a long list of accomplished alumni and I hope I will also become one of them.

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