Physics & Life Beyond Earth

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“Physics is a systematic study of the natural world, particularly the interaction between matter and energy” (Helmenstine, 2017). According to this statement by Anne Helmenstine of Thoughtco.com, physics allows human beings to understand matter and energy on deeper levels as it pertains to how they cohabitate. With this information, and with physics, we are given the opportunity to place life under a microscope, literally, and gain a better understanding of its origins. By understanding how life came about in a physical sense and not in a religious sense, we are able to connect a lot of dots that can either aid to our progression as a whole or keep us in the dark if undiscovered. In terms of discovering life beyond earth, physics plays a major part in this process.

The laws of physics that govern life on earth play a major role in the discovery of life beyond the earth’s atmosphere. I say this because, these basic laws of physics that are established here on earth, provides the foundation of how we understand and comprehend the existence of life on earth and in the entire universe. In an article on news.mit.edu, Anne Trafton elaborates on whether or not certain physical laws that are established on earth remain true throughout the entire universe (2010). She brings up the fact that some physicists believe that if carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen do not exist then life would not exist.

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However, in study conducted by some physicists at MIT, they found that altering the masses of essential particles called quarks creates an opportunity for hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen molecules to exist in different states and environments. This suggests that life could be possible beyond earth’s atmosphere. Physics plays a major role in discovering life beyond earth.

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