Problem Solver Interview

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Biographical Information
Name: Ashley Martinez

Age: 49

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Occupation: Creative Problem solver and Lawyer

Educational Background: Masters Degree in Creative Problem Solving from California Western School of Law

Memorable Achievement: Ashley has helped many organizations and companies through the difficult of times. She lends assistance to both governmental agencies and None Governmental Organizations. Her value to the society is a fundamental one that nobody can underestimate. She is also a lawyer and has represented clients and firms through difficult cases, many of which she won. Her most memorable achievement was her contribution to the General electric. She helped in making the organization a useful one in terms of tapping people’s imagination to make it a better place for the employees and stakeholders. Many organizations prevail upon Ashley to assist in decision making during trying times. She is good at what she does and takes a lot of interest in it.

Personality Characteristics and Cognitive Strength
Ashley is unique in many ways. She has deep sense of logic and reasoning. She is able to solve diverse problems using unfamiliar concepts and information. Her long term memory is advantageous to her career and social life. She is passionate about her work. Her strength is quite immense, and this is eminent from her strong voice. From the interview, it was easy to tell that Ashley has very great attention skills. When she begins to do something, she believes, no obstacle is strong enough to bar her. Her jovial nature is advantageous. Although she attends to serious decision making and problem issues, she always affords a smile. It is not easy to tell when Ashley is going through stressful moments. She takes every event very lightly even in the face of the seriousness of such an event. She says, “That is how I manage to make difficult decisions and solve daunting problems.” Ashley is a go getter. She does not give up easily. She only stops after satisfying herself that she is through with the work. Her strong determination and passionate appeal is admirable. She is an inspiration to many people and a role model to upcoming problem solvers. Ashley is creative, critical thinker and problem solver.

Ashley’s Obstacles
Ashley is as much human as any other person. There are many obstacles that stand on the path of humans to achieve a given level of success. Ashley too has her share of the obstacles. She ails from a humble background. Her parents did not have enough money to offer her the good things in life that most of her friends enjoyed. She grew up in poor conditions. The beautiful life that she could experience was only in the movies and dreams. Her mother died when she was only ten. This left her disillusioned. Five years later, her father died of diabetes. It then downed on her that she was alone. She could do odd jobs just to get money to cater for her education. Her state of loneliness and realization that she had nobody else only strengthened her resolve to move to the heights of success. Somehow, Ashley managed to pull through. She is now a respected personality. She believes that her bitter past has everything to do with her success today. Ashley lives in a world of possibilities. The obstacles that covered her path propelled her to her success. Her elegant character and determination to overcome obstacles is a lesson that everybody should learn. For her, success is not a preserve of the few. It is an event that every person can share. It takes passion, determination and fearless approach to life events. Ashley’s early childhood condition was a big problem. She solved it. She was creative from a tender age, and that is how she managed to overcome the barriers that reared ugly face on her way.

Opinion on Steps and Abilities to Problem Solving
Problem solving and decision making are not as easy as they may sound. It requires creativity and strong passion. This is because decisions have impacts on people, processes and certain events. Making wrong decisions imply bringing down processes, events and people. Essentially, wrong decisions can bring big organizations crushing and crumbling down.

In solving a particular problem, there is a need to have knowledge of the problem. The problem solver must know the issues at stake before embarking on solving them. This gives the problem solver an opportunity to conceptualize the problem. It is a brainstorming session where the problem solver gathers facts about the problem. It is not possible to solve a problem without understanding it first. After understanding the problem, solver embarks on designing a plan to solve the problem. He/she looks at the strategies that can help solve the problem. He can rely on past experience in case there was a similar problem before, and a similar solution is necessary. He also looks for related problems and establishes a pattern. The problem solver looks at the various options available to solve the problem. He looks at various alternatives.

Thereafter, he carries out the devised plan. This is where the problem solver picks the most suitable alternative to solve the existing problem. It is a process where the problem solver implements the strategies in the previous steps to actually solve the problem. The process is not over until the problem solver looks back and reviews the solution. This determines whether there are any emerging issues with the solution. Problem solving and decision making requires firmness and fairness. The decision on the alternative should be such that it gives a permanent solution to the problem. The decision maker should, therefore be knowledgeable and have great skills to solve underlying problems.

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