Personal Reflection Essay About Technologies

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I still remember listening to my parents’ friends who would complain their children’s addiction to technology and the internet. I would not be surprised by their concerns because everywhere I looked, I saw technology governing our lives. Life without internet-enabled technologies is as unimaginable for my generation as life without car, TV, and landline phone might have been for my parents and grandparents. Fortunately, my parents understood the importance of internet-enabled technologies and never severely restricted my access to it but they also believed balance is important in life. They encouraged me to pursue other interests as well, especially activities that exposed me to life outside home. They were glad when I developed strong interest in sports, particularly horse riding and it was not long before spending time at the stable with horses became my favorite pastime.

When I am at the stable and have the opportunity to connect with horses and the nature, I realize that technological advancements and globalization may have vastly improved our quality of lives but the progress has come at a price. Technology was supposed to make us feel more connected but often times we feel exactly the opposite because we have substituted technology even for face-to-face social interactions. I always turn off my cell phone ringtone at the stable so that I do not feel the urge to check every incoming call or text and I almost never feel I am missing something important. But the addiction to technology returns as soon as I am back to my normal life. This contradiction only proves that it is not easy to be different because there is always a social pressure to conform to the norms.

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I have also observed we do some of our best observations and reflections in solitude. We live in a fast-paced world where time only continues to become a more valuable commodity. As a result, we are usually driven by sense of urgency in our private and professional lives and rarely have the time to reflect upon our actions and the lessons life may be trying to teach us. But when I am at the stable, the contrast with a regular fast-paced life is quite apparent. Interaction with horses and the nature gives me an idea of how older civilizations might have lived like and why the theme of nature is so dominant in all forms of literary and visual arts.

I have been fortunate enough to be taught about horses by capable mentors and teachers but I have also learnt a lot about horses from personal observations. My time at the stable has taught me that not all knowledge can be taught, some are accumulated through personal experiences. We learn when we pay attention and look for patterns and this is even true in the real world. We humans may be the most intelligent species but other species like horses also have a lot to teach us such as living in harmony with the nature.

The horses have also taught me more about the power of connection than most people I know. Relationships do not always have to depend upon expectations of benefits and favors but can also be built on appreciation for each other. Sometimes emotional bonding are the most powerful weapons to have in dealing with different aspects of life. Horses also go through moods, just like humans but I always find a way to calm them and regain the original connection as if the horses may be responding to my genuine concern. This is also the recipe for powerful and meaningful human relationships.

I adopted horse riding as a hobby and could never have thought I would learn more about life at the stables than in the city and that too in the company of a different species. My life is a proof that some of the best lessons in life are learnt at the most unpredictable times and in the most unusual places.

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