Personal Statement Civil Engineering

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My passion has long been building and creating things of value for society. One of the supreme challenges in my life has been finding a way to combine my interests – drawing and creativity – with a potential academic future that allows me the ability to make a positive impact. I have found that with engineering, an academic focus that will fuel my creativity, allow me to put my drawing to use, and provide me with the sort of intellectual rigor that I have long been searching for.

I have within a desire to draw and create. I have worked to cultivate this skill over the course of many years, and over time, I have seen my skills grow. I began to draw at a young age. Sometimes I would draw cartoons. Other times, I would put down some of my thoughts into picture form. As an artist, I was able to create scenes that were more descriptive than what mere words could confer. While this might seem like a petty skill, it has given me the ability to visualize things in a more profound manner. My next challenge was figuring out a way to put that creativity into use.

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I soon uncovered civil engineering, a field which requires a tremendous amount of technical ability alongside the willingness to innovate. Building bridges, roads, and other structures implicates much drawing. I have learned to enjoy the mathematical element of the field, and I know that my passion for drawing will serve me well as I learn more about civil engineering. When all is said and done, I hope to gain critical skills that will allow me to do a great job once I embark on this sort of career.

What I have learned, as well, is that civil engineering often requires one to work as a part of a team. While each person can bring great ideas into play, it takes a complete team to truly create something great. While one person might be able to visualize a great drawing, others might be able to figure out a way to tweak the plans that will ensure the project’s viability. I have prepared myself to work in a team setting, and this should help me both in the academic realm and in my career.

As a swimmer, I have been a part of successful teams. My swimming has required me to be a part of relay competitions where I depend upon the performance and support of my fellow teammates. The camaraderie developed in these team settings has stayed with me, and perhaps more importantly, it has brought out the best performance in me. I have learned to be at my best when people are counting on me. By drawing on my experiences as a member of the swim team, I should be able to make the most of my career in civil engineering.

As a part of a civil engineering program, I will ensure that I work hard in order to add something to the educational environment. Working closely with my fellow students and instructors, I hope to both improve myself and improve the working environment for those around me. Later, I will build bridges, roads, and other things that serve society. This is the best way to put my drawing ability to use, working closely in a team setting with people who are just as motivated as I am.

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