Problems Associated With The Internet And The Ways To Solve Them

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The phenomenon of the internet has radically changed the nature of human interaction and upgraded people’s experiences in various spheres. Individuals can now benefit from the opportunities to purchase products and services online, communicate to their friends and acquaintances via online messengers, and find relevant information about the topics of interest in search engines. With the help of the Internet, people have also received a chance to gain additional sources of income and access the world treasury of knowledge. However, in addition to positive aspects, the internet has also created many problems. In particular, it is widely used by criminals to access users’ sensitive information, such as CVV codes of their credit cards. Moreover, the internet can also impose a negative impact on children through the instruments of social networks, online games, and adult video clips. In this situation, it seems very important to identify and analyze possible problems associate with the internet and the ways to solve them.

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Thesis Statement: This essay seeks to determine the main problems associated with the internet and the ways to solve them.

Main Body
1st paragraph
Topic sentence: The development of the internet has led to the increasing problem of data protection
Supporting evidence:
The nature of the internet contradicts the users’ intention to keep their anonymity. Through search engines’ history, social networks, and cookies, online platforms can identify users, categorize them as representatives of certain customer groups, and then target the with customized advertisement mechanisms. In accordance with the common belief, users’ anonymity is the cost of ensuring generativity (Choi 2013). Therefore, users are likely to continue experiencing significant threats to their anonymity in the future.
Numerous criminals use the internet to engage in identity theft. Crimes in this sphere can help them earn billions of dollars (Barker, D’Amato & Sheridon 2008). In order to prevent such undesirable outcomes, users should be very attentive. In particular, they are recommended to double-check the platforms where they leave their credit card information and set daily online purchase limits on their cards.
Concluding sentence: The arguments lied out above illustrate that the internet has created significant threats to the security of people’s anonymity and their sensitive data.

2nd paragraph
Topic sentence: The internet caused disturbing problems to children since they are usually more vulnerable to online threats than adults.
Supporting evidence:
Online threats to children are a well-known problem that has been discussed by a number of specialists. Developers of the antivirus software Kaspersky identified the following most crucial dangers that children face online: cyberbullying, cyberpredators, posting private information, phishing, falling for scams, accidentally downloading malware, and possible future problems connected with previous posts (Kaspersky Lab 2018). While antivirus software may help children prevent young users from visiting dangerous websites, only parents’ control and supervision may help their children avoid these online dangers.
Through the internet, children may acquire dangerous and antidemocratic views. Religious sects, racist organizations, or even people who promote suicide behavior might influence them with the help of online mechanisms (Diomidous et al. 2016). In this situation, parents’ control of children’s online behavior seems mandatory.
Internet may be especially dangerous for those children who experience problems in interacting with their peers. The study designed by Romano, Truzoli and Reed (2013) found that such children are likely to engage in escape-motivated online behavior, further contributing to their isolation.

Concluding Sentence: internet is very dangerous for children, and parents must thoroughly monitor their children’s online behavior at all times.

3rd paragraph
Topic sentence: the available evidence provides a premise to believe that the internet can be considered responsible for some global negative social phenomena.
Supporting Evidence:
Many specialists express their concerns about the ways in which the internet changes people. In particular, Wellman and Haythorntwaite (2008) emphasize that the internet makes people pay less attention to the human touch. Online users might lose their social skills and, as a result, fail to build meaningful relationships with people in a real life.
It is also important to point out that the internet is very time-consuming. People who engage in online surfing miss out on many potential opportunities that could improve their health, increase their profits, or enhance their real-life relationships with other people (Heid 2013). From this perspective, the internet can be regarded as a factor that decreases the amount of free time available for an individual.

Concluding sentence: while the global influence of the internet on human lives is a very complex and disputable problem, it seems justified to assume that the internet has already imposed a negative influence on many people by decreasing the amount of their free time and negatively affecting their ability to build and maintain real-life relationships.

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