Purpose in the Workplace

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It is important to feel a sense of purpose in the workplace for a number of reasons. To begin with, feeling a sense of purpose is bound to improve productivity. If someone feels as though they are doing good work, making a difference, or working toward a goal, they are more likely to work both efficiently and quickly.

Furthermore, this sense of purpose can improve attitude about work in general, which can make employees less likely to feel saddened, sleepy, exhausted, or weary about work, which in turn also makes them more inclined to work well. A sense of purpose can even make an employee take chances and challenges, rather than remaining stagnant and never improving. A sense of purpose can further improve an employee’s relationships with other co-workers, as they will be in an improved mood in general, and less likely to succumb to rudeness or frustration.

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The different forms of intelligence can be helpful to this process, and can also be greatly benefitted by a sense of purpose in the workplace. For example, as stated above, Inter-personal relationships can be improved with a sense of purpose, and can even encourage teamwork, as it helps overall attitudes and willingness to work.

However, Intra-personal intelligence can also be helped with a sense of purpose, as it can give the employee a sense of confidence and pride, which in turn makes them more excited to work. In terms of intelligence levels that can help bring about a sense of purpose, there is the logical-mathematical intelligence, which gives one a greater understanding of systems at work, and can thus find a purpose more easily. There is also Body-kinesthetic, which can be very helpful for finding and working toward specific goals. All of these forms of intelligence are very helpful for, and can be improved by, a sense of purpose at work.

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