Reading Response to Egypt

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Among all nations that took part in Arab Spring, Egypt staged a successful revolution that has not settled down yet. Causes of the revolution can be traced back to demining leadership history right from the time when monarchs, President Sadat ruled the country and finally President Mubarak whose aim was to maintain the oppressive government he had taken over. To ensure the same leadership remained, Mubarak thought of introducing a hereditary leadership system which angered people, even more, leading into an uprising mainly led by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Egypt is a mostly Islamic nation whose economic stability depended on the Nile river and whose leadership has been majorly authoritarian. The country’s political position internally and externally has always depended on the style of leadership preferred by presidents. This ranged from calls to join the Muslim world to the enactment of a free democratic rule. Due to the Suez Canal, the country’s leadership has always received various influences from the United States and Britain. As the nation remains in a state of instability, its political system and economy have melted leaving the nation to rely on foreign aid.

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Based on the author’s arguments, the reason why Egypt’s uprising was unstoppable even in the face of serious military opposition is that citizens had become overwhelmed by state oppression that had matured historically. This was more so during Mubarak’s tenure when oppression advanced to involve state agencies like the police. Even worse, Mubarak appeared to be making way for continuity of government oppression. Additionally, the inability of the nation’s leadership to maintain a foreign policy that was in line with the different factions of political interest also escalated the situation. If the country is to rise again, then it will have to start with internal interventions after which external help may be required.

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