Relationships between China and Japan: Outline

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China and Japan, although often mutually associated by the Western world, drastically differ in their social, cultural and economic settings. Moreover, as Japan moved towards modernization in the mid-19th century, it viewed China as an antiquated civilization. Despite the fact that the two countries now hold 2nd and 4th places in the list of the world’s largest economies (China and Japan, respectfully), the differences in the mindset and the ways the countries are run leave China and Japan to be of a rather hostile image to one another, creating certain tensioning and difficulties in developing fruitful relations in terms of economy, trade, tourism and culture exchange. This research paper aims at analyzing the historical background of the countries’ formation and outlining the main driving forces influencing their economic relations, with the comparative analysis of countries’ historical background, economic development and perspectives for further development. Additionally, the economic relations between the two countries will be analyzed, as well.

The historical background of the countries’ economic development and transition
Chinese trade from the geopolitical and sociocultural perspective (also, China as the world’s second largest economy)
Japanese trade from the geopolitical and sociocultural perspective (also, Chinese influence on the Japanese language, culture, religion, philosophy, agriculture, and law).

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The historical interrelations between China and Japan (with the mentioning of recent hostility between the Chinese and the Japanese)
Cultural and mental differences between the two nations, which can affect their economic relationships

Strong and weak points of economic relations between China and Japan (also, the Taiwan issue – PRC and the Japanese-US joint statement of 2005)
Perspectives for further development in the economic intercommunion between the two countries
Recommendations for further research

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