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It is arguable that since taking this course, my skills with quantitative reasoning and analysis have improved. I am able to better grasp the analysis process once quantitative data has been collected and I am able to understand the reasoning behind the collection of quantitative data in a particular fashion. In spite of this improvement, there is always room for further improvement. I would like to concentrate on my areas of analysis when it comes to quantitative data and reasoning, as there are times when I am still unsure of the best means of statistical analysis to use within a given situation. To this end, in order to further my knowledge, I have decided to look to MIT’s Open Course Ware program, wherein an individual may learn about a host of different collegiate level topics for free. The course that I selected for myself, for no credit, but otherwise the same as any other college course, with the exceptions being that it is offered through MIT, one of the most prestigious institutions in the country, and without credit, is “Statistical Thinking and Data Analysis” (MIT, 2016). This course was offered to paying students in 2011, but is now offered free of charge online, complete with all course materials (MIT, 2016).

This is not to state that I have not obtained any knowledge from this course, or that I have experienced issues as a result of the structuring of this course. Instead, this is to state that the course has gotten me started down the path, and I have found an avenue that I wish to explore that will allow me to gain greater insight into the topics addressed within the course. My dissertation topic has not changed as a result of this course, but I have been able to clarify the methodology that I will be using as a result of this course. I was, as a result of this course, able to gain a better grasp on what I needed to do in order to ensure my continued educational success and the successful completion of my dissertation. I am sure, at the very least, that the completion of this course has worked to reduce the amount of revisions that I will receive from my dissertation committee via feedback!

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Using a statistical package has informed my understanding of research in general by allowing me to better understand why certain statistical actions were taken in light of the collected data. It has likewise worked to assist me in understanding how to read the findings of research articles and has assisted me in determining where certain research articles have issues with their design or where those research articles may have issues with their methodology. The course has worked to ensure that, through an increased knowledge of statistical analysis, that I am better prepared to evaluate other researcher’s work, as well as better able to complete my own.

This course has assisted me in my residency milestones by providing me with the information that I needed in order to continue my path toward residency. In fact, I will be taking my first residency in Barcelona this year, thanks to my completion of this course. This residency has already been registered for and approved and I am all set to move forward. I am grateful for the knowledge and information that this class has afforded me, and I believe that the information that I have gained through the completion of this course will be highly beneficial to me in the future. As a result of the completion of this course, I am likewise aware of certain shortcomings that I have with the material and I have found a solution that will assist me in addressing the problem, allowing me to continue down the path of self-improvement.

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