Self-Reflection On The Personal Change

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If anything changed in my writing process over the semester, I believe it is that I am now extremely aware of the process itself. More exactly, in the past I would write assignments but rely only on my ability to present information. I basically thought that, as long as I was familiar with the material, setting it out was my only responsibility. This was a mistake and it cost me better grades, because I have come to understand that the writing process demands organization as much as knowledge. This in turn relates to the need to think before beginning any writing, and plan some form of structure. The process also requires a great deal of revision. What originally seems like a good way to organize the work may not be as effective, as the writing goes on. One idea, for example, may be more important than I first considered it, so the writing must be restructured to emphasize that idea. All of this then supports how I now realize that writing is never a single task to complete. It is a process that is ongoing, and one that begins before any actual writing is done.

An obstacle I had to confront in the above is based on the need to revise my work. In plain terms, I have had to learn to distance myself from what I had written, and try to see it through an objective view. This was not easy for me and I am by no means successful in doing this today. It is not that I believe my work is so good, there is no need to improve it. I believe it is more that I am unwilling to step back and review because it is simply difficult for me to be objective about my own work. In a sense, I am taken with my own thinking when I review the work because I still hold to the same thoughts I set down earlier. There is a real need for me to become my own critic, then, and assess my writing in a removed way. If there is anything I feel I must work on in the future, it is this, and because no piece of writing cannot be improved.

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I can also say that the challenge described above is one I will definitely take on, because I have a higher level of motivation to raise my writing skills. In plain terms, writing is communication, and I think I understand an important fact about this. More exactly, writing is expression of thought and, the better the clarity, the more effectively the thought is shared. This of course leads to another challenge, that of developing my vocabulary and grammar skills. These are instruments and, as with any task, better skills make for better work. I believe I have elevated these skills over the semester, but I am also aware that there is no “final” level of achievement. I even wonder if there is any writer, today or in the past, who has a talent that is perfect. However, improvement alone is an incentive, so I am confident that my motivation will remain strong.

Ultimately, I have one goal: to become more confident in my writing, and in all forms of it. I am sure that greater skill in academic writing will influence all other written communication I make, because I am learning how necessary it is to be as precise as possible in expressing thoughts. Without adequate skills, meaning is lost or the work is misinterpreted. This is as true of a paper as it is of an email to a friend. On one level, then, the semester has taught me how far I have to go in my writing. I must improve in objectivity, organization, and in all basic skills. On another, however, I am encouraged to make the efforts because I know I can improve, and because this will benefit virtually every aspect of my life.

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