Social Work (Working With Children)

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Question One
Different policies exists in children welfare that are all aimed at preserving the child. Some of the policies are conflicting thus remaining a dilemma in certain situations. Family preservation and permanency planning are the two conflicting policies. In family preservation, it requires the children as well settled with their families as it tries to keep the child with the family (Mohr, 2014). In this policies, it states that families should be kept together since children are better off when they are in their families. On the other hand, permanency planning looks forward at securing a safe place for the child, which does not necessary have to be his or her own home (Mohr, 2014).. This includes looking for a foster parent for the child. These policies have led contradicting ideas in child welfare policies.

In the attachment theory, it suggests that a child is able to develop his or her behavior because of how his or her caregiver nurtures him. In this theory, the type of bond that develops between the child and his caregiver will affect the child”s later relationships (Boyd, 2011). For this reason, it is preferred for the child to be placed in a place that he or she is more comfortable, either in the family or foster parents to ensure he receives good parental care.

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Question two
The U.S society has been making lots of efforts to ensure the issues of child neglect is reduced at a great deal. There has been need for provision of education to all the neglected children by starting up of schools that will help all the children acquire education. Furthermore, in case of medication problems faced by the parents, the society is willing to take up the responsibility by ensuring that such parents are treated so as to continue with their roles as parents. What is being systematically neglected is the parental care by the parents due to some problems as alcohol addiction.

As a social worker, I can talk to the family as well as the parents and tell them the need of child protection and risks that might follow due to negligence (Wilson, 2005). I can as well come up with a program for awareness of the needs of child care and effects of child negligence in the community. The program will work at community level and this will infuse some hopes as well as possibilities into the intervention planning. I can as well take the responsibility as a foster parent for those neglected children in the community and seek for government intervention into the matter (Boyd, 2011). My own biases help my social work practice in that many have been helped by my advice and concern to the neglected children in the society.

Question three
As a social worker, it takes time to understand why some parents neglected their children. According to several theories of human behavior such as the attachment theory which suggests that the ties between the caregiver and the child matters a lot in child”s behavior, it was good if Sarina would have been attached to a close relative so as she can grow up well. Sarina went through several foster parents and this will highly influence her behavior. Such kind of neglect and maltreatment will contribute to a loss in Sarina”s behavior since she is separated from her parents and she does not get a permanent foster parent who takes care of her.

As a social worker, I will develop apathy and compassion for parents such as Marlene, who are having medical problems by looking for a foster parent for their children. This will help to raise children for such parents like Marlene who are unable because of sickness (Wilson, 2005). A situation that one cannot authentically connect with or support reunification effort is in the case whereby the parents develop a certain chronic illness thus being unable to take care of their children.

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