Specialty Social Work Practice

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Analyze the rationale that led to the development of specialty social work practice
The rationale of the development of the specialty case is due to the consideration of the changing human behavior in the context of the society. Some of the requirements of the clients who require social services had preferences to connect with the persons who would offer preventive care and psychological support. The case would later on lead to specialty in the scope of the social work in the bid to give precise support to clients. Another case is the nature of the subject discourse in the attraction of optimists (Gathiram, 2014: P. 77). Idealists would create categories that would cater for the different needs of the population such as the provision of workers for mental health and others for first aid health care.

Briefly Describe two factors that influenced the rise of the school social work practice
The first factor to cause a rise in the school social practice is the change in the economic environment. The case would lead to an increase in the unemployment, impoverishment of particular groups in the society. The second factor is the shift in the values as well as the norms in the society (“School Social Work – Practice – NASW”, 2016). The changes cause an addition of the negative behavior in the schools. The result was the establishment of the social work in schools to counter the changes.

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Briefly explain two advantages and two disadvantages of school social work
The advantage of the social school practice entails the involvement of the community in the activities of schools in a scenario that advocates for the success of the students. The other advantage is that the social practice provides leadership in the creation of policies for school discipline, management of crisis, support services and the intervention of mental care (Gathiram, 2014: P. 113).

The disadvantages relate to the fact that the practice requires patience in the case of results for the effort that a social worker puts into a school social venture. The other case is that the job is stressful because it deals with student characters that can be difficult to handle (Gathiram, 2014: P. 114).

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