The Benetton Campaign

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Benetton is a powerful global brand name that is commonly applied to market in a variety of products. It is known for its shocking advertising that has raised many questions globally. It helped to enhance the recognition of the Italian fashion brand (Radovic, 2011). To market its products, it offers scholarships to a number of sports and uses powerful color campaign to attract more customers (Radovic, 2011). The company has received an exceptional reputation because of its advertising style and the unique brand.

The 1980s multiracial campaigns led into controversial topics (Mail Foreign Service, 2011). The photographer blamed traditional advertising for lacking creativity and displaying and ideal word that is not in existence. This has led to another campaign, “Unhate campaign” that presented world leaders kissing (Mail Foreign Service, 2011). This campaign was welcome in the United of America, but failed in other parts of the world, such as Italy. According to the White House policy, the president’s name and likeness should not be used for business reasons (Mail Foreign Service, 2011). It aimed at eliminating the culture of hatred in the US. The group’s developed the campaign and believed that it was its corporate responsibility (Mail Foreign Service, 2011). The symbols were used to represent reconciliation and hope among the people. The movement reflected on how politics, beliefs, and ideas must tolerate each other for a peaceful coexistence. This is because hate and love are not compatible and stable (Mail Foreign Service, 2011). The colors that were used during the crusade had a vital message of tolerance (Mail Foreign Service, 2011). It promoted a change in the balance and encouraged international debate because it had a core impact in all cultures (Mail Foreign Service, 2011). The company organizes many live actions, whereby the youths attend and post leaders’ images on their locations’ buildings to preach peace among the people. Additionally, the campaign aimed at fighting discrimination of all forms in the world and that was the reason it used photos of world leaders (Mail Foreign Service, 2011). The projects of the Unhate campaign give support to activities in the local communities with the aim of enhancing dialog and acceptance of diverse cultures. The respect for human rights is emphasized in the campaign and a call for the promotion of positive actions.

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Notably, the campaign has received strong opposition, even after the Italian company removed the photo tableau apologizing to its customers. In fact, the Vatican reported that it will file a lawsuit against Benetton because it utilized a photograph that shown some of the world leaders kissing in public (Mail Foreign Service, 2011). This annoyed the people because spiritual figures were used. The Benetton was forced to withdraw the photos from all publications (Radovic, 2011). Many viewed the campaign as a demonstration of disrespect to the Pope and how the element of respect for other people had been broken. The image was termed as unacceptable, and the Benetton management was forced to remove it from the advertisement (Mail Foreign Service, 2011). Notably, the company is known for publications that have raised controversial issues. For example, the publication of a young nun kissing a priest raised many questions in the Vatican. Many organizations have proposed for the removal of such advertisement and recommend for making informed choices when choosing the photos to us (Mail Foreign Service, 2011). For example, the idea is good because it focuses on uniting people, but the kissing by the world is a mistake because it does not match. Despite the awareness, many people have argued that it might not be successful because for an advertisement to be excellent, people must love and, associate themselves with it (Mail Foreign Service, 2011). This is not the case with Benetton because many people do not love it and do not want to be associated with it.

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