The Importance of Ethical Considerations Concerning Diversity

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In this day and age, there are many diverse cultures who must come together to accomplish common business goals. I order for this cooperation to be productive it is critical to employ ethical consideration concerning diversity in the work place. Business professionals must communicate with people from all over the world; therefore, a major failure (of an irresponsible unethical business person) would be not to research one’s business contacts for cultural sensitivity. One must be prepared to understand the perspectives of others in order to move ahead and have successful business transactions.

It would be a major blunder to offend a business contact because of a cultural misunderstanding. Some methods to avoid these misunderstandings include repeating and paraphrasing what the other person has said, and when doing so, using the appropriate tone of voice. There are cultures who will be offended by too loud or too fast ways of speaking, whereas other cultures will prefer that. It is up to the ethical business professional to research and identify what type of culture is being dealt with. A true professional will take the time to ensure that such mistakes do not occur. If the business professional is not well-researched there can be embarrassing mistakes and international losses because of these embarrassments. Companies that must merge or prepare for acquisition are particularly in need of cultural ethical sensitivity. Effective corporations will prepare for such cultural intermingling beforehand. Therefore, a good gage of a successful company is the merit that it treats the obligation to accept diversity. There are legal obligations to promote multiculturalism within the work place. However, the overriding responsibility is a moral responsibility.

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Managers can encourage ethical diversity in the workplace by promoting cultural exchanges in the way of potlucks or gift exchanges. This creates a social atmosphere for employees to create social bonds that will improve their working bonds. In this manner, employees can respectfully see how other points of view operate. Employees will be able to recognize the skills of others and the approaches of others are different, but valuable assets. Team performance improves when there is a n overall understanding of the team members and how they work. People will come to appreciate other’s diverse approaches, and appreciate that their own approach is valued. Employees must be trained by their mangers to anticipate cultural diversity in negotiations.

Employees must be ethically prepared to handle these sensitive negotiations. Business production is integrally tied to multicultural considerations; in order to close a deal, there must be agreement and understanding. These terms cannot be reached if there is no consideration of the others perspective. Employees will feel safe at work when they understand that there is a zero tolerance policy from mangers regarding discrimination or other ways of making someone feel badly because of their differences. Managers should also focus on unifying the diverse groups within the company’s goal. After recognizing diversity, it seems imperative to also recognize the similarities that workers share in the workplace: the common goals and objectives of that work place.

The importance of behaving ethically in regards to cultural is a necessity. The fact is that businesses deal with many cultures, and in order to be successful, it is imperative not to offend these business contacts. The only way to prevent an offense is to be well researched and prepared; be patient and willing to repeat and go over the common objectives; and to incorporate ethical diversity within the workplace as well. The global needs within the workplace and in the global market require multicultural sensitivity. Therefore, it is critical that businesses abide by the ethical needs that a diverse work place demands.

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