The Production On Sales Of Cigarettes Should Be Made Illegal

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The production and the sale of cigarettes are universal. No single state can be associated with the production and sale of the same. Smoking of cigars has however been classified as an anti-social behavior even by the smokers themselves. This is because of the many negative attributes that the behavior has attracted over the years. It must however be noted at the earliest opportune time that some economies of the world rank higher than others in terms of production and sale of cigarettes (Goodman, 2007). Further, it ought to be noted that most of the economies of the world are rooting to control the production and the sale of tobacco. The arguments for the control however have been opposed on different opinions. The debate has therefore attracted two divides: one for the control and the other one against the control. This paper will elicit the reasoning from the two divides.

The Production and Sale to be illegalized
Different cost-benefits analyses have actually shown that the demerits of production and sale of cigarettes in an economy outweigh the merits. The major reasoning of the illegalization are the health-associated risks. Various deadly diseases are associated with cigar smoking. Among the diseases are cancer, heart attack and high blood pressure among others. The behavior has also been attributed as among the leading killer diseases across the globe. In US for example, cigarette smoking causes more than 480, 000 deaths per year. With the ever increasing number of smokers, the death toll will continue to shoot. Smoking is also attributed to about 80% of all deaths originating from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in US. The setting up of the rehabilitation centers and the curing of cigar-associated diseases is becoming burdensome to various economies of the world (Levinthal, 2012). The taxes obtained from the production and the selling of cigarette end up being consumed in the treating of the diseases. The consumption has also been attributed to the ever reducing life expectancy.

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Arguments against the ban
The other category argues that the production and the sale of the cigarette ought to be left to run as any other, in terms of the growth of the economy. For example, tobacco contributes 1 % of GDP in Malaysia. It has been argued that the government should not be left to interfere with the production of tobacco. In essence, as long as tobacco remains a legal product, then the same ought to be left to circulate in the market as any other legal product. Various benefits have been attached to cigarette production and sale. Amongst the major advantages are that tobacco production provide employment (to farmers and employees, distributors, sellers and advertising agencies in cigarette industries), contribute to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (Welch & Welch, 2005).

Another argument propagated by the opponents of illegalization is that there is freedom of choice of the smokers. And that the ban will go to infringing the people’s right to choose what to consume and what not to. The control will also deny the government of taxes. Further, the ban will affect the poor the most since the poor constitutes the highest number of smokers. This is according to a survey conducted by two companies; one Malaysian and the other US based (Goodman, 2007).

Cigarette production and sale is bad for the economy. It should be illegalized. The demerits of smoking outweigh the merits and thus the scale tips towards the banning of the production and the ultimate sale. Tobacco consumption hurt the economy. Various economies of the world should therefore relook their control measures. The measures will greatly position the economies to better production and increased life expectancy amongst the citizenry.

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