The Rate Increase in Computing Power and the Evolution of Life on Earth

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Over the past few decades, the world has witnessed an increase in the volume of computer reliance. In fact, the field of computer science and information technology grows so fast that it is virtually recognizable from a few years ago. In addition, the rate of change has been accelerating over time, and new evidence shows that this acceleration is also accelerating.

The concept of the computer was introduced by Charles Burbage close to 200 years ago as a simple calculating device, hence the name computer. Form the introduction of the big and heavy machine, progress was rather slow, and the programs took a long time to be completed. The progress in the initial; stages is incompatible with the recent developments, where the standard issue hard disk space in a computer has multiplied by twenty over the last 20 years. This is not to mention the decreasing size.

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The central nature of computer today has completely changed human life. For example, before the introduction of the internet in early 90’s, communication was much harder and costlier, not to mention the number of people that were reliant on computers. Today, it is virtually mandatory to be computer literate just to survive. Computers are present in all elements of life, from social life to economic gadgets. The reaction to this growth in the field of computing is apparent in the growing reliance and popularity of computer gadgets. For example, most people have cell phones and are completely reliant on them to the point of admitting that survival would be impossible without the gadgets. In addition, more innovations increase the use of computers and thus make people more reliant on them.

In conclusion, the growths in computers tend to converge at a point where people are completely reliant on them for survival. The accelerating acceleration in development of new application is perhaps symbolic of the evolution process, where new gadgets are invented at a higher frequency, and they are accessible to people after a short time.

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