The Texas Revolution and Politics

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Following the Revolution, Texas became its own state, thus becoming the 28th state of the United States of America. The Texas Revolution produced a number of effects economically, socially, and also politically. The Texas Revolution spurred a number of effects and changes in regards to the political scene of the 1830s, occurring at the local, regional, and national levels.

At the local level, the Texas Revolution produced significant impacts in regards to politics. While the beginnings of the Revolution trace back to restoring the Federal Constitution of 1824 and attempts to overthrow Santa Anna, this issue quickly escalated into a larger dispute in which Texas sought complete independence from Mexico. The outcome for Texas, though the state began the revolt as a department of the state, led to the independent Republic of Texas. While Mexican elites would, in the beginning of Texas’ independence, have a degree of authority, Texas was bound to become an American state and adopt its politics (“Why,” 1).

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Much of the Texas Revolution was also fought in San Antonio de Bexar: a significant political and commerce area of trade in addition to a junction of politics. Thus this town was often the target of many rebels through to 1835. When the government troops faced expulsion due to the rebels, Santa Anna reestablished control, which led to the fight for San Antonio and involved the Siege and the Battle of the Alamo (“Why,” 1).

On a more regional level, the Texas Revolution brought many political impacts, as well. Many of the Tejana elites, who had tried earlier on in history prior to the revolution to start a republic, were thrilled when officials of Mexico created the Federal Republic of Mexico in 1823. This soon led to the Mexican Constitution of 1824, which proposed the framework for the state and national government. However, when Texas started the state of Coahuila y Tejas with the help of the American colonists, they finally had more of a voice in their fight for a separate state (“Why,” 1). In addition, the establishment of a republican type of government angered many Mexicans, who challenged the government, the Church, and even the Army. This group was referred to as the Centralists, but also known as Federalists or Republicans (“Why,” 1). These two factions and their political-social conflict would be pivotal throughout the 1830s, thus encouraging the Texas Revolution, as well.

On a global level, the Texas Revolution is also representative of the many political changes that were also greatly influenced by the Enlightenment Period, which occurred throughout 18th Century Europe. At the core of the Enlightenment was the questioning of the original order of the world. Consequently, many of the greatest Enlightenment philosophers proposed other forms of government for the world, such as a republic style, rather than the traditional monarchies that had previously ruled all over Europe (“Why,” 1). For example, the American Revolution provided the chance for the colonies to break away from the rule of England. In the same way, the Texas Revolution was rooted in similar thought with the Americans and Texans breaking free from Mexican rule.

In summary, the Texas Revolution brought on a number of significant changes and impacted society drastically, along with its politics. These political changes occurred at the local, regional, and even national levels due to both internal and external influences, such as the internal factions and the Enlightenment period, respectively. Without a doubt, these events were pivotal to both the causes and the effects of the Texas Revolution, hence introducing major changes and shifts in the political landscape of both Mexican and American societies.

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