The United States versus Texas Constitutions

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Constitutions are compositions of essential principles for governing organizations, states and nations. The institutions, laws and customs that are used for governance are entailed in a constitution. The United States and Texas state constitutions are some of the constitutions that are used for governance in their respective localities of operation. These constitutions have been subjected to numerous amendment procedures over the years. However, the fundamental principles of these constitutions have numerous similarities and differences.

Both the Texas and the United States constitution have a bill of rights (The Texas Constitution, 2014). The bill of rights in the constitutions constitutes the summaries of the rights of the liberties and rights that are very essential for the people. These rights also cover the groups of people who are in America and the state of Texas. Some of the rights under the individual category protects the citizens from abuses and intrusions that are likely to result from political interests across the country. Both constitutions are based on republicanism governance. Under this, the constitutions indicate the consent of the people is the basis for the formation of the government through voting to get their representatives in various political positions. Both constitutions have limitation on all the citizens including leaders at various levels of leadership. This includes the fact that everybody should obey the law.
The principles governing the checks and balances are similar. This postulates that all the branches of government should perform controls that enhance checks over its operations. The principle of federalism in similar for both. This principles explains how both the governance is shared between the federal and the state government to enhance constituency in the activities of both governments. In both, there are limitations on how the state and national government leaders should apply their powers to avoid overlapping and to promote continuity. Both constitutions also have principles that outline how powers are separated between the federal and the national government.

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In both constitutions, the principle of popular sovereignty is covered. In this section, the constitutions indicate the people have the powers to rule because the residents have to be engaged in voting in order to make a decision on an issue. Both the constitution have the guidelines that govern the executive branch of governance. This branch is given various responsibilities that are attached to their designation. Some of the roles played by the executive include carrying out and enforcing their respective laws. In both, the judicial branch is given the authority to interpret laws and make decisions on the legal cases. The legislature is responsible for making the laws that are used in governance. Both constitutions have the guidelines that govern amendments in order to facilitate changes to documents, bills or laws. Both have the guidelines of the basic principles that define duties and powers of both leaders and the rights of people.

Unlike the United States constitution, the Texas constitution have some guarantees that are not the bill of rights. Some of the rights include prohibiting of discrimination along sexual lines and the protection of the crime victims’ rights. The Texas constitution has 17 articles as while the American constitution has seven articles. The Constitution of Texas is statutory in that, current needs are addressed through the requirement of amendments. On the other hand, the American constitution is very fundamental and the solutions to problems is an authority given to the government. Finally, the Texas constitution has been subjected to 27 amendments in more than 200 years while the constitution of Texas has been subjected to 400 amendments in more than 100 years.

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