Trip Report – European Meetings

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Key note presentation at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Law Enforcement Information Management Conference.  

Purpose of visit:
Reinforcing an emerging partnership with European counterparts around data standards and interoperability frameworks.
Sharing best practices around operational innovations such as state and regional Information Sharing Environments.
Reduce fragmentation with interoperability frameworks and standards to speed industry adoption.

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Impact/Addressing the Risks:
A need to understand any potential risks in leveraging ISE frameworks and standards.
A commitment to moving ISE frameworks, via our Project Interoperability and Standards Coordinating Council efforts, into international voluntary consensus standards organizations.
Implementation of multi-lateral governance and open forums offered by these organizations, as opposed to direct adoption of a US framework.

Visiting with the Metropolitan Police in London, and learning about their ambitious and broad-based transformation effort.
Learning of their move towards enterprise architecture similar to that in use by large and diversified financial entities.
A pilot project underway to move to body-worn video by their officers – introducing a huge data management and culture change issue.
Another pilot underway involves extensive operational use of (wirelessly connected) tablets by line officers.
I toured their bomb data center, and through that lens got an abbreviated and fascinating overview of terrorism in the UK over the last fifty plus years.
In Brussels, I met with my counterparts in the European Commission, really the counterpart to the OMB E-Gov.
Collaboration with Brussels moved forward, with a focus on aligning our respective interoperability maturity models; aligning our NIEM with their core data models for person, business, and organization; and starting to explore opportunities to align geospatial efforts.
The European Commission has a major effort underway called INSPIRE focused on climate change and sustainability issues that has huge geospatial interoperability requirements. INSPIRE works closely with the Open Geospatial Consortium, which is a key partner of ours via the Standards Coordinating Council. My counterparts are working a location framework, we are working the Geospatial Interoperability Reference Architecture with the FGDC, other federal partners (including NGA), and the OGC. Downstream we’ll be looking at opportunities to align our respective efforts.
Spending time with Rob Wainwright the Director of Europol.
Europol and Eurojust are developing a data standards framework called UMF2 to support (public safety) information sharing across their member States. UMF2 is very similar to NIEM, albeit with a Justice/Public Safety focus only.
Interest in trying to further align and reduce fragmentation, to take advantage of the maturity and quality of our ISE frameworks.
A pathway is developing to operationalize the collaboration. I previously highlighted Nlets, a US state owned secure message translation and switching service. Of Nlets’ 1.5 B annual transactions, 45 M flow via Interpol, with a large subset of these involving European members. Nlets uses ISE frameworks and standards natively. Nlets leadership was at the IACP conference.
Mike Howell will next week be participating in Nlets’ Business Meeting, including presenting to their Board on this and other topics to further strengthen our partnership.
Hearing about how the Dutch Police have used their online presence and social media to materially reengineer how they interact with their population – their web site went from 60K to 1.5M visits per month.
Efforts by Sweden and the Netherlands to consolidate 27 and 21 respective police departments in their country into single National forces.

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