True Democracy

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Even though it is true that voting is essential for democratic elections, in a recent election, the percent of those who voted was low. There are several important factors that predetermine the likelihood of voting among those eligible. At least five factors can be identified. These include the following: gender, age, socioeconomic status (specifically, education and income level), race and ethnicity, and union or community membership. Among all of these, there are the following trends: women and older citizens are more likely to vote compared to men; dominant racial and ethnic groups are more active in voting than minorities; those with higher income and education level are more likely to vote than those with lower income and level of education; and those belonging to a union or engaged in community matters are active voters.

Regardless of the factors mentioned above, there are some reasons for choosing not to vote even if they are eligible. One of the most critical reasons is the need for registration. In the United States, an individual should sign up if they want to vote, which means that the registration process is not automatic. Because of it, people choose to ignore this process and believe that it is better not to vote. However, there is another important reason that should be mentioned here – the lack of knowledge. Putting it simply, an eligible citizen may be willing to vote, but they have limited knowledge of the registration procedures. In this case, they might miss the opportunity to vote unintentionally. Finally, eligible voters may choose not to vote because they do not believe that they might contribute to a change. In other words, they do not feel that their voice matters, so they do not vote. When I am eligible to vote, I will not miss this opportunity because I believe that it is not only a chance to make a contribution to the future of the nation but also my duty as a US citizen. Therefore, I will vote to express my opinion and at least make an effort to choose the candidate I believe would direct the country to prosperity and welfare.

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