TwoSet Violin Concert Report

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When I visit different music concerts, every time I aspire to expand the scope of my experiences and get familiarized with its diverse aspects and genres. I can state that I have never attended the musical concerts that are purely classical, they were either jazz or blues, soul or funk, pop, and rock. Yet, this time I have finally decided to visit the concert of TwoSet Violin. TwoSet Violin is a classical music duo that presents the magnificent concerts that are praised by the lovers of classical music.

The duo includes two performers, Brett Yang and Eddy Chen (TwoSet Violin n.p.). They founded their classical duo back in 2014 (Vanasse n.p.) and as for now, they represent Australia. The concert in Los Angeles was the part of the TwoSet Violin World Tour and I attended the concert on Wednesday, November 21, 2018. The venue took place in the Zipper Concert Hall that is located in Los Angeles on South Grand Avenue. I can state that I have never expected that the performance of classical music can be so exhilarating and inspiring. I was indeed impressed with the play of the two soloists, as they masterfully performed their solo parts and aligned their music in the duet, being the accompaniment to each other.

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I could say that the organization of the concert of TwoSet Violin was impeccable. The interior of the Zipper Concert Hall indeed creates a special atmosphere that looks solemn and quite reserved. When I entered the hall, I realized that I would listen to the music of the higher level. When the violinists began playing, I felt that I was swept away by the intricacies of the exquisite sound of their musical instruments. Apart from the duo, there was also Sophie Druml who played piano, presenting a pleasant and soft accompaniment to the soloists without surpassing the sound of the violin.

I did not know a lot about TwoSet Violin when I decided to visit their concert. One of my friends told me about this duo, and I decided that it was a perfect chance for me to delve into the totally different genre of music. Therefore, I was indeed surprised to learn during the concert that in fact, Brett Yang and Eddy Chen do not completely rely on the basics of classical music, incorporating the elements of a love story and even the real rap battle during their performance. I was totally inspired by the modern look that they gave to the classical music. Even though I was not familiar with the violin performances before, I was satisfied with the style and manner of presentation of the classical music to the contemporary listener. I felt that such a concert can be suitable for all audiences because it was not boring or too calm as one might expect. Brett Yang and Eddy Chen indeed energized the whole audience with their ardent performances. What I learned from my friends was that their tour was supported by different crowdfunding platforms, and I think that it is really a sign that their artistry is loved and supported by millions of people over the globe. As a part of their big audience that listened to this concert in Los Angeles during this World Tour of TwoSet Violin, a realized that indeed, classical music can be relevant in all times.

The pieces that involved me the most in emotional terms were Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin by Bach and Navarra for 2 Violins by Pablo de Sarasate. While the music by Bach was more solemn and exquisite, the pieces by Pablo de Sarasate impressed me the most because I felt the real passion of this Spanish composer who put all his heart and soul into his Navarra for 2 Violins. It was a completely immersive experience that I would never forget, and I truly hope to expand the boundaries of my knowledgeability of classical music in the future.

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