Volunteering Essay

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In conjunction with the Women’s Breast and Health Institute, I participated in door-to-door outreach. The organization’s goal is to help connect women to health services so that they can know what is out there and get the sort of care they need to be healthy over the long run. As a part of the door-to-door outreach campaign, I went and knocked on doors, canvassing neighborhoods to give women information and help them sign up for health screenings. Importantly, I talked with women in their homes about the need for positive health interventions, and I helped them sign up for screenings that would allow them to hopefully avoid breast cancer and other difficulties. On top of that, I offered general information to them on what they should do in the future while comforting them in some ways, too.

This organization relies on volunteers to cast a wide net. Because women’s access to healthcare is an issue of mass concern, the organization relies on people—so-called boots on the ground—to do the hard leg work. I contributed to this organization by simply being willing to represent their brand and cause well. I was willing to go out and do the hard thing of putting myself in an uncomfortable position so I could benefit the organization’s core mission.

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My development was helped in multiple ways. I got great practice selling a mission over and over. I found out what worked and what did not. Cold calling in this nature requires one to put away any fear he or she might have over the process. On top of that, I got to work with skilled volunteers who had their own ideas about how to best interact with other people. Through these combined experiences, I was better able to develop skills of outreach, communication, and empathy, as well, as I interacted with people dealing with problems.

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