Water Pollutants

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The quality and availability of the planet’s water resources much depend on human factor and pressure people and industries are putting on them. Manmade activities do squeeze oceans, rivers, and inland waters and eventually reduce their quality. Water pollution is, therefore, about lowering water quality. Water pollution is aso about the quantities and volume of a polluting substance released into water.

80 percent of water pollution comes from land as a result of human activity dversely affecting the quality of water environment. For instance, fertilization of the fields with the chemicals causes the pollution of both the groundwater and surface waters. A disposal of sewage waste is another major problem that causes water-related illnesses. Sewage in great quantities overloads the natural environment. Chemical fertilizers add nutrients to the soil by draining into rivers and seas. Waste water is another pollutant meaning that chemicals discharged from factories wash down. Sewage and waste water are the major water pollutants of oceans. Along with factories, ordinary people pollute waters through nonpoint sources by transforming ordinary water into waste water.

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Pesticides and toxic chemicals are the prime sources of pollution. Chemical waste also include detergents and highly toxic chemicals like polychlorinated biphenyls. Toxic pollution also includes heavy metals (cadmium, lead, and mercury among others). Another major water pollutant is radioactive waste. There is also great concern about oil pollution mainly associated with huge black oil slicks. Finally, the manmade factor is about plastics washed up with the waves.

The ways to prevent water pollution involve three main domains education, laws, and economics. As much depends on human activity, increasing overall awareness about the causes and effects of water pollution is of utmost strategic importance. On local, state and federal levels, effective laws are equally important to restrict human activities that cause environmental pollution. Finally, economic factor should turn into a mandate for everyone who pollutes the environment. We should encourage recycling as the most efficient way of reducing waste.

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