Water Supply

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Corvallis Oregon has very good water. “The Corvallis Water System consistently provides a reliable water supply of high quality tap water that surpasses all state and federal drinking water quality requirements” (Corvallis). There are two resources Corvallis gets its water from. “The Taylor Treatment Plant in southeast Corvallis draws water from the Willamette River. The Rock Creek Treatment Plant draws water from the Rock Creek Watershed on the east side of Marys Peak” (Corvallis).

The water supply on our planet is the opposite of that: our supply is dwindling. “Global water resources may soon meet only 60% of the world’s water demands” (Park). This is due to a number of reasons. Global consumption, carbon emissions from over use of cars and other machines is causing a rise in temperature. The rising temperature is leading to melting ice caps in Greenland and in other places. This is in time will lead to natural destruction of farm lands, which will lead to global food shortages. All this is to say that carbon emissions are leading to rising temperatures and melting ice caps, and lowering water tables.

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I think that tap water is better than bottled water. Bottled water requires the use of plastic and the factories that bottle the water. “The U.S. public goes through about 50 billion water bottles a year, and most of those plastic containers are not recycled” (Karlstrom, Dell’Amore). Both these things increase carbon emissions which contribute to rising temperatures. Bottled water can also lead to more wasted water. This is due to people beginning to drink bottles of water, not finishing them, and throwing them away.

Tap water is much to be preferred. Though tap water has to go through plants to be filtered, so does bottled water. Tap water is more easily accessed. Tap water does not require bottling so it does less to increase carbon emissions. Tap water also has less of a chance of being wasted. This is because people only have to poor into their cups or into their water bottles as much as they want, which leads to less waste.

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