What Is the Role of Responsibility in Workplace Leadership?

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Leadership in the workplace is required to be based on the core ethical principles and be responsible. Otherwise, ineffective leadership might result in stagnating sales, confused employees, decreasing profits, and excessive costs. The workplace leader-employees’ relationships should be built on the following leadership traits: trust, communication, autonomy and provision of sufficient resources, self-efficacy, accountability of all members of the team, and conduction of the regular debriefings.

The core ethical values that comprise efficient business leadership in the workplace are honesty, integrity, trustworthiness and keeping promises, fairness, loyalty, law obedience, concern for others, strive for excellence, respect for others, leadership, accountability, and morale with respect to reputation. A responsible leader should always follow these ethical principles to motivate the employees to keep up with the estimated goals by completing their duties. If a responsible leader is reviewed from different perspectives, the following approach will be determined for a good and successful leader. From the individual perspective, a leader cannot fix everything that went wrong in global terms, they can attempt to maintain their portion of responsibility and try to expand their sense of the leader’s responsibility. From the organizational perspective, a responsible leader should be capable of exploring the company’s behavior and develop its sustainability and responsibility through a specific corporate strategy by suggesting particular implementation mechanisms for these strategies. From the societal perspective, a responsible leader should not privatize gains of the group, team, or whole company or blame any losses or uncompleted tasks on the employees and not on self as a leader.

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To conclude, in the constantly changing business environment there are numerous challenges that have to be faced under the guidance of a leader. This person should be responsible for being able to solve any complex tasks and difficulties and demonstrate their skills and responsible approach in making business and guiding teamwork in the workplace.

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