Why Boston University (BU)

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I have always believed choosing the right academic environment is as if not more important than one’s chosen field of study. Due to my academic and work experiences, I have also become a huge believer in informal learning opportunities, thus, I wanted to choose a university in which there are also significant learning opportunities outside the classroom.

We live in a rapidly-changing global environment which makes it even more important to stay in touch with all the changes happening around us and the people who know most about these changes are often working professionals. Similarly, many business schools place too much emphasis on academic theories and their academic programs are still structured on outdated models. This makes BU even more appealing to me because one of the major characteristics of the program is continuous interaction with working professionals. In addition, students are provided with numerous opportunities to test academic theories for their practical validity.

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BU also greatly benefits from its strategic location near downtown Boston and it doesn’t hurt that employers commend BU graduates for having just the right balance between technical and soft skills such as communication and leadership. I am also attracted by the fact the Boston University prepares its students for career in a diverse range of sectors including technology and healthcare in addition to financial services. The university has a strong working relationship with the Silicon Valley which shows it wants its graduates to play a major role in shaping the future.

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