Why I Want To Study Chemistry

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Throughout my educational career I have been fascinated with the study of science and specifically the chemical sciences. I enjoy delving into the history of discoveries in the sciences such as the DNA Double Helix by Watson and Crick and the newest elements in the periodic table. While the average student finds general chemistry classes tedious and somewhat boring, I absorb the information of lectures and immerse myself in the laboratory experiments.

Chemistry is fundamental to understanding the world around us from the food we eat and how it works to sustain the organs to the atoms and molecules that make up the fluids that keep our automobiles running. Over the years I have read articles in science journals and spent time learning what I could to fuel my curiosity. After graduating with a Bachelor of Chemistry from the King Khalid University in Saudi Arabia my friends and I built a small laboratory that we called “the dream lab” and purchased chemicals for experiments. Here we ran different types of biochemistry experiments and tests on proteins, carbohydrates and fats. My desire to increase my knowledge and understanding heightened when my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I began reading and learning everything I could about the detection and biochemical research in the area of cancer disease and treatments after my mother died.

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I am passionate about learning and find myself often searching for new discoveries and for opportunities to experiment. I currently work in a laboratory but my work is rote and I do not feel that my mind is being challenged. I would like the opportunity to take my study of chemistry further and enter a master’s program where I can focus on a specific field such as organic or biochemistry. The University of Delaware would be an excellent fit for my continued education. I like the smaller size graduate program and the cross collaboration in the research fields. Because I enjoy the research aspect of biochemistry, I am encouraged by the potential opportunities for student research at the University of Delaware. I feel biochemistry would be a better fit for me because I find the biological sciences interesting and am fascinated by the work being done in drug research specific to cancers and other life-threatening diseases. I have the intellect and curiosity to be a valuable member of a collegiate research team and a top student in a graduate chemistry program. One day I would like to return to the “dream lab” with the ability to increase its size and use it to further the work of cancer research.

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