Wireless Technology

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The function of the Temporary Key Integrated Protocol (TKIP) is to enhance WEB encryption. TKIP uses a 128-bit wrapper on the WEB encryption while incorporating other aspects such as the MAC address of the device and the serial number of the packet (Dulaney & Easttom, 2014).

Using WPA2 encryption is the first step that I will take to ensure that a wireless network on a computer is safe. The Wireless Session Protocol (WSP) is one of the security levels that WPA2 is capable of providing in ensuring that a wireless network on a computer is secure. Through WSP, I will be able to manage not only the session information but also the connection of the device (Dulaney & Easttom, 2014).

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Cloud computing service models is made up of three components that includes Software as a Service (SaaS),Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS),and Platform as a Service (PaaS). SaaS is the ability that consumers are given by a cloud company to use the applications that are found on their cloud platform. On the other hand, IaaS is the ability that a service provider gives to consumers to process, store and network among numerous other cloud computing capabilities. PaaS is the ability that a service provider gives to consumers to use the cloud platform to come up with applications with the aid of programming languages, library services or any other services that will be facilitated by the cloud’s service provider (Dulaney & Easttom, 2014).

Cloud computing delivery models consists of three components that include public cloud, private cloud, community cloud as well as the hybrid cloud. A public cloud is open for use by members of the general public. On the other hand, however, private clouds are mainly designed to be used by single entities. Although private clouds have similar features to public cloud, they give much control to an organization unlike in the case of a private cloud where the service provider exercises full control of the cloud. A hybrid on the other hand is an infrastructure that is made up of more than one cloud infrastructure and its main aim is to allow a business to have more data flexibility as well as additional deployment options depending on the needs and wants of an organization (Rouse, 2013).

A snapshot allows an individual to take a photo of a system at a given time. However, a major concern of snapshot is that a person can take an image of crucial information and use it later to interfere with the system of an organization. Patch compatibility is making sure that a patch can work well with a system with no difficulties. Before a system is updated, it is vital that patch compatibility is done to make sure that a problem won’t arise later. However, it is important to note that if patch compatibility is that is the patch is not compatible, it can make a system vulnerable to attack. On the other hand, host availability/elasticity is the uptime of a host where in a majority of the cases, the minimum downtown is 99.999 percent. If the host is disconnected, it will also disconnect all virtual machines thus causing a security concern. Security Control Testing (SCT) is the process of analyzing systems to search for weaknesses. Sandboxing is the process of limiting the memory of apps to prevent them from crashing. Without sandboxing, a system will be susceptible to attacks. If a system lacks sandboxing, apps could crash making the system susceptible to users who might want to interfere with the system’s data.

In Lab 2, I installed insider Home where its main feature is the Link Score. One can determine the score by looking at the signal strength, SSIDs that share the channel and the networks that overlap. A higher link score means that the system is performing well (Lynn, 2013).

One of the secure cloud services that provide a wide range of infrastructure is the Amazon Web Services (AWS). Some of its services include storage option, computing power, databases and networking. On AWS platform, consumers can choose the services they want as well as how they want to use them (Amazon Web Services, 2016).

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