Al-Tayer Motors and Tesla Cars in the UAE

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1. Introduction

Formed in 1982, Al-Tayer Motors, a subsidiary of the diverse business interests of the privately held holding company Al-Tayer, has become an industry leader in automobile sales in the UAE, representing major American, as well as European automobile manufacturers, such as Ford, Ferrari, Jaguar, Land Rover and Maserati. Al-Tayer’s intensive relationship with the world’s top automobile manufacturers has led the company to become the first choice for UAE residents seeking world-class quality vehicles. Following Al-Tayer’s commitment to providing its customers the best quality automobiles from the world’s best manufacturers alongside the company’s commitment to ethical business decisions, Al-Tayer has decided to offer so-called “Tesla” or electric cars to the ever-growing UAE marketplace.

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2. Marketing Strategy
By introducing Tesla cars to the UAW marketplace, Al-Tayer has once again shown itself as dedicated to offering products to its consumers that are world-class as well as innovative. Tesla cars are a potentially revolutionary product when contrasted with traditional automobile products. Accordingly, an equally revolutionary strategy, following basic marketing principles, is required to make the introduction of these products a success.

2.1 Segmentation
Segmentation is a decisive marketing concept, helping identify particular tastes and trends in consumer choice. The Tesla car, as an innovative new product, will therefore have to primarily understand that its initial market may be small. The commitment to the product is therefore at once a commitment to the tastes and trends of the consumer, primarily those who are drawn to a product such as the Tesla car by the advantages its produces. In so far as the Tesla car is primarily associated with ecology and green technology, the marketing of the Tesla car must emerge in consistency with these concepts. Accordingly, the target market for the Tesla car in the UAE is those concerned with environmental issues, with a greener technological product, that at the same time provides the same quality as traditional automobiles. The relevant market segmentation thus takes into account forward looking consumers, who are concerned with both cutting-edge products and ethical issues.

2.2 Targeting
Al-Tayer recognizes that the Tesla car is a new product and therefore its introduction into the market represents a paradigm shift in how we think about what the automobile is for and what it can do. Accordingly, Al-Tayer’s targeted marketed is young, mobile professionals, for whom an automobile is not merely a vehicle, but also an ethical and lifestyle choice. The market is therefore dedicated to individuals with an ecological conscious and also those who appreciate technological innovation. The Tesla car is both a response to environmental concern and also a revolutionary technology: its clear environmental benefits therefore have to be marketed in conjunction with its clear technological advances over the traditional automobile. Buying a Tesla car is not only about being “eco-friendly”, it is also about supporting technological innovation and human progress.

2.3 Product Positioning
In line with this marketing strategy, product positioning will therefore emphasize two clear points, defined according to the traditional marketing distinction between subjective and objective attributes of products. The subjective attribute of the Tesla car is its eco-friendly character: not all consumers will necessarily be concerned about buying “green” products. Accordingly, the positioning of the product in its subjective sense has to realize its limitation in that, from the ecological perspective, it will only be of interest for these reasons to consumers who are concerned with environmental issues. However, the car shall also be positioned in terms of its objective qualities: these are the clear technological advances that have made the Tesla car possible. The Tesla car is a radical break from traditional approaches to the automobile and this is its strength as an exciting new product, that embodies notions of creativity and innovation in its very existence.

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