Contrasts Between Prague And Tokyo City

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Like two cities in different worlds, comparison between Prague and Tokyo city reveals striking differences. In history, economy, culture and geographical properties in climate, population and symmetrical layouts, obvious differences have been identified which are going to be mentioned in this essay.

Differences in historical background.
First are the noted differences in which the two cities were founded. Considered older than Tokyo, the situated location of Prague was founded in the early Paleolithic age. Founded by the ancient king Boyya in 1306 BC, the city through thousands of years since its existence, later became the multicultural capital of the a later Czech Republic result of a needed integration into a modern European state. However, the city of Tokyo came into formation in the late 12th century formerly being a small fishing village named Edo. Playing part of the fortification of Edo was the Edo clan who are credited for formation of the town having built the Edo Castle and the heads of the clan making the town the center for a nationwide military government in Japan. After years of the Edo Clan ruling the region, by the 18th century Edo toppled its population to one million making it one of the largest city in the world and later came to be renamed as Tokyo with the city becoming the de facto capital of Japan.

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Geographical differences
Also noted among acclaimed differences in the two cities are the contrasting geographical properties. Tokyo sits at a much wider area than Prague which is of 191.5 sq miles. The large area of Tokyo of 845 sq miles is credited to the unique characteristic of the city combining both elements of a city and a prefecture making it termed more of a “metropolitan prefecture”. Result of this has been on the city integration of surrounding districts leading a population of 12.79 million people living and working in the city. Prague has a much less population number with residents of the city populating to 1.24 million.

Climate conditions also characterize noted differences between the two cities. Prague is situated in a region with a temperate climate. Situated between the oceanic climate and humid continental climate the area often has warm summers and chilly winters. On the other hand, Tokyo lies in the humid subtropical climate zone characterized with hot humid summers and cool spells and mild winters.

Cultural Differences
Although Tokyo has a distinct cultural history, the modern metropolitan state of the city has discoursed life in the city into a metropolis state. Result of this has been on how the integrated 23 special wards, districts, towns and villages of Tokyo are characterized by metropolitan modern structures leading to a more modern way of life. Contrasting in this, Prague has endowed with cultural characteristics in that the city has been claimed to be one of the cultural centers of Europe. Rife in history and culture, the city is rich in cultural essence evident in the presence of ten major museums, theaters, galleries, cinemas, and a variety of historical exhibits. The city often attracts a large number of tourist who bliss the city’s gothic and Romanesque spires and towers making the trip to Prague in sighting to the adventurous spirit.

Economic differences
Considered as the third most expensive city, Tokyo differs a lot from Prague in respect to economic status. Being the largest metropolitan economy in the world, Tokyo is a major finance center housing big finance companies in that the city is home base for 51 companies listed in global 500 companies. Although the city cites the European head quarters of a number of international companies with it being named the best city in central and eastern Europe, Prague only economic boast it the city’s economy accounting for 25% of Czech Republic GDP.

In conclusion, Prague and Tokyo city are both unique in different sets of characteristics. In order to differentiate the two cities, dates of formation, culture, geological properties and economic status of the two cities differ in great lengths that one can record different experiences having visited the cities.

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