Alert ( TA13-317A): Microsoft Vulnerability

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Vulnerabilities in an operating system is one of the most prevalent concerns in the field of information technology. Although local, state, and federal agencies strive to maintain a secure network by utilizing proactive and defensive measures, some weaknesses are overlooked and often exploited by attackers in attempt to breach a network or to compromise the confidentiality of the data. This summary is a focus or emphasis on Microsoft and the vulnerabilities that could cause great harm to a computer system.

The US-CERT, which is abbreviated for the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team, recently released an alert classified as Alert TA13-317A and it covers multiple drawbacks within Microsoft Windows and related office products. According to the US-CERT, applications such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, and various components of the operating system are affected by these vulnerabilities. It is imperative that every user of Microsoft Windows should take precaution because attackers seek to exploit these ‘holes’ by utilizing several methods. A denial of service is often used to attack a network because it prevents data packets from reaching its destination so it greatly prevents any activity on a network. The confidentiality of the data is in jeopardy due to the threat of information disclosure and remote code execution is also a possible outcome of an attack.

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The recommended solution for the problem is the installation of the updates and Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary provides a detailed description of each update. Although the updates are expected to fix the bugs in the software, it is highly advised that administrators perform tests on the system to ensure that no unusual effects have taken place succeeding the updates. The confidence in this resolution is average because Microsoft continues to release software with eventual bugs that require a patch to resolve the issue. However, the existence of patches show that there are individuals who apply attention to not only vulnerabilities but resolutions on how to resolve them in a timely manner.

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