IS and Virtualization

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The increased demand to utilize the services of server farms has converted to large utilization and consumption of huge amount of power. Currently, many data center management departments have delved into schemes that will enable them obtain sources of energy from alternative sources other than the notorious electricity (Parker, 2002). This research paper will pick out on cloud computing as an aspect that has been adopted by companies in an attempt to save energy consumption but maintaining efficiency. The strengths and weaknesses of the same will be viewed.

One of the major advantages of cloud computing is the large amount of data that the model is able to store. The aspect of virtualization or conversion from storing data in hardware to the cloud has extensively increased the volume storage. The other aspect is on reduction of energy consumed. A cut of 87% of energy in this model has been arrived at through research and analysis (Arias, 2001). This cut in energy bolsters data-centers’ attempt to go green since they only require less energy that can efficiently be sourced from either dams, solar, windmills or other natural sources. Another advantage is that the cloud computing design provide backup of data. Once a computer crashes, original data is available (Karahroudy & Tabrizi, 2011). Security of the data is another added advantage. Lastly, one is able to access data at any location as long as connected to the internet.

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The cloud computing is not without a few shortfalls. Firstly, the design is expensive to maintain. Whereas storage in hard discs is free once one owns the disc, storage of data with regard to cloud computing is free only to some extent, up to 5 GB. One has to pay for storage of extra data. Outage is another shortfall (Wang, 2012). It may take long to upload large documents from the clouds. However, from the foregoing, it is my strong opinion that cloud computing is a major contributor towards server farms going green. The energy cuts exhibited while the design is in use is magnificent and must be adopted at all costs.

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