Analysis Of Innovation Culture At Coca Cola

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Role Does Culture in Organization

An organizational culture refers to the principles, ideologies, and values that are shared by the individuals in the organization, and guides their activities and operations (Horibe, 2016). The type of culture practised in an organization highly determines its success or failure. Coca Cola is one of the most successful organizations that has a good working culture incorporated in its values. In an effort to achieve one of the company’s mission of being highly effective, first moving, and profitable organizations, the leadership team at Coca Cola promotes a culture of innovation among its employees. Culture plays a great role in the organization since it determines the level of motivation and loyalty that the workers have towards meeting the overall goals of the company. The employees at Coca Cola have been provided with a good cultural environment that promote healthy competition among them, and a common platform where they are encouraged to work for their own good and that of the company (Hussein et al., 2016). This highly helps the company to achieve its targeted goals.

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Cultural Components Promoting Innovation
There are various components within Coca Cola’s organizational culture that promote the spirit of innovation among its employees. It is mainly evident in the mission as well as the values guiding the activities of the company and stating their future expectations in the innovation world (Renz & Vogel, 2016). Since the workers are expected to embody the values of the company when interacting with other stakeholders of the company and when conducting their daily operations, they end up being innovative. There are high chances of innovation succeeding in the organization since the proposed strategies that promote innovation are considered by the employees to be part of the company’s mission and expectations of them.

Redesigning Cultural Components for Successful Innovation
For an innovation strategy to be carried out successfully in the company, there is need for the practices within the company to be redesigned to favour the new activities. For instance, employees should be encouraged to freely interact with their superiors and consider themselves as being involved in the decision making process of the company. Another practice that has to be redesigned to ensure innovation is successful is by ensuring workers are aware of the importance of innovation and the benefits they are likely to accrue. A successful innovation will also call for the leadership team of the company to ensure on of their visions directly promotes the culture of innovation in the firm and it is one of the components that makes the company to stand out.

Strategies for Strengthening Innovation Culture
For an employee to be encouraged to be more innovation, their compensation package has to meet their expectations of the benefits they expect for giving the company new Ideas (Horibe, 2016). In Coca Cola, when employees are given incentives to show appreciation for being innovative, they are likely to be encouraged to be more innovative. Innovation culture can also be strengthened through appreciation and recognizing those who provide the company with new ideas and solutions. For instance, during meeting, the most innovative employees during the week should be recognized before their peers. This strategy will be a motivation factor to other employees and they will also work towards being innovative for future recognition.

Communication of Innovative Structure
It is imperative for the employees to be informed on any changes or developments to be made in an organization (Horibe, 2016). For Coca Cola to ensure that the suggested strategies are adopted by its staff, the management team will have to communicate the new expectations as well as the policies to its employees. This can be done during their meetings with the employees. Such meetings allow the superiors to inform their superiors on the new incentives and how they will benefit from the new program. The new innovative structure should be communicated to all the departments in the organization. It can also be done through generating posters and placing them strategically within the organization. This will act as a reminder to the workers to take up the spirit of innovation and work for the benefit of the entire organization.

Build Capacity for Innovative Thinking
For Coca Cola to ensure that there is complete change in the direction it takes towards having an innovative culture, the management team will have to ensure it keeps updating the employees on the impact of the changes in the organization. Whenever the employees are assured of having personal benefits from being innovative, they will be encouraged to take up the spirit of innovation.

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