Aristotelian Appeals in Ads

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The DeBeers diamond ad makes use of pathos because it tries to appeal to men that nothing makes as surprising and valuable a gift as diamond. The ad exploits the fact that movies often involve larger-than-life stories including romance ones which do not always translate to reality but DeBeers make an attempt here to convince men that they can make the fantasies of the women they love come true.

The BCAA ad makes use of logos and reminds the readers that they have a responsibility to secure the future of their young ones and insurance is a natural choice, given the uncertain nature of life. The ad shows a little girl who probably dreams of becoming a real estate agent and insurance will protect her dream even if something happens to her caretakers.

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The Toyota ad makes use of ethos by showing an actual worker at Toyota plant who tells readers every worker is responsible for ensuring highest standards of safety at Toyota. Toyota’s ad also attempts to build credibility by showing a worker who comes from the name national background and works in the same country where the ad’s audience is. This is also an attempt by Toyota to present itself as a local rather than Japanese company because people tend to trust local entities more than foreign entities.

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