Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

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The idea of creating smart machines that can move, hear, speak, and behave like real people is rooted in the deep past. People have been trying to invent an artificial intelligence for the purpose of making their lives easier for many centuries. However, their dreams have been far beyond the horizon of human possibilities until the present time. Modern scientists have made all efforts in order to implement this bold idea. Development of artificial intelligence and robotics was based on the creating of the human brain prototype embodied in electronic chips and software. Nowadays humanity is only a few steps away from a revolution that will change people’ lives forever. However, some representatives express their negative attitude to artificial intelligence and disagree that people need robotics technology. Therefore, only thorough analysis of the issue can help to resolve a conflict.

It is no wonder that a problem of artificial intelligence is considered to be one of the most controversial. Scientists of different specialties (cybernetics, linguists, psychologists, philosophers, mathematicians, engineers) are engaged in the study of this issue. According to the statements of majority, breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence belong to the benefits. Some people contradict this fact since robotics technology is the most uncontrollable and unpredictable in their estimation.

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Artificial intelligence opens up new opportunities for humanity. For instance, meteorologists analyse large amount of data in order to predict the weather. However, even the most experienced forecasters are not always accurate. Contemporary meteorologists are able to give the most accurate predictions using artificial intelligence software. Moreover, robotic assistants can serve elderly and disabled people. A voice recognition system allows modern robots perform various tasks on command. As a result, they can assist even blind. Furthermore, smart machines perform dangerous tasks instead of people. Some countries use robots to defuse radioactive materials. Thereby, workers are not exposed to danger. In addition, smart software is able to limit air pollution that occurs in the result of industrial and manufacturing processes. Lots of plants use artificial intelligence programs in order to minimize environmental pollution. Thus, aforementioned benefits confirm that robotics technology is an integral part of progress.

Opponents of this issue claim that the consequences of creating digital intelligence may negatively influence future generations. The crucial risk related to a possibility of inventing robots whose goals may differ from humanity’s. Although humanity is regarded as a master of machines, there is a fear that artificial intelligence can supersede mankind. In other words, opponents believe that robots might overmaster human beings and start ruling the world. If intelligent machines replace humans in industries, it may cause unemployment. Nowadays robotics technologies are commonly used almost in all fields. Although smart machines take some burden from the workers, they can never behave like “human”.

In spite of all drawbacks, artificial intelligence helps to compensate for the psychophysiological limitations of the human body in a number of ways. It encompasses numerous tools and techniques for learning, planning, reasoning and language recognition. At the present time, robotics technologies intensively develop. Nevertheless, they have no a mechanism of self-improvement. Therefore, these systems are not considered yet as a fully functional artificial intelligence. The problem is that modern science can not say exactly how the human brain works. However, humanlike robots can appear as soon as scientists understand the nature of human intelligence.

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