Book Review Project

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My Prediction

As normal to any sick person, the state of mind which is unpredictable, Natalie is prone to making mistakes in almost all occasion as her conscience is not capable of restricting her movement and help in making solutions for herself. The possible clues that could trigger my prediction are the points on the susceptibility of the sick to make erroneous decisions in their life systems. The possibility that after being in jail one is not in a position to realize how bad it is to commit a crime as the penalties are now familiar to him or her, influenced my prediction so much. There were lots of possibilities that Natalie in such a situation could do more wrong things than the good ones expected of her especially after the rehabilitation in the jail.

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Key Ideas and Details
At this standard the acquisition of knowledge is tested in the students across the levels of education. The education instructors have got the responsibility of explaining every word within the contents of the book. The purpose at this level is to draw deductive arguments to help the learner understand the relationship between inferences and arguments and how the two influences the occurrence or situation of the other. In order to address this standard, I will infuse a method of formulating the questions, answers, comments and arguments so that that the link between them is noticed without the learners is confused. To make this a success I would envision participatory learning process where the learners, teachers and instructors are all involved in the learning process with every one with a definite role to play.

My thoughts on the Book
The use of modest language that is cool to understand and link to the real issues influences the understanding of the given book by the students during teaching the given subject. The usage of a lot of vocabularies impairs the understanding of the book. The amount of images or pictures used in a given concept in the explanation increases the reality of the ideas in the book. The size and placement of the print in the page improves the urge and motivation to the learners to snap the information from the book. The complexity of the concepts directly hampers the ability to understanding of the learners. The nonfiction text features prevents the relation of the ideas enclosed in the book besides the reality. This book is anticipated to be used by beginners in learning. This is mirrored in the subjects of the book such as the picture contents. The pictures contained in the book are indication of the seriousness and conviction to the students as the young ones relate everything the book describes in the pictures of the book.

Readability Formula
In my book, I would select passage 3, 6 and 8 which contain 100 words each. Then plot the number of syllables in addition to the average number of statements for every 100 words on the chart to verify the grade level of the article presented in the procedure of experiment. The readability of the book will be determined by the consistency in the results observed in the test of the experimentation of the book.
First hundred words got 176 syllables and sentence ration of 7.3
Second hundred words got 128 syllables and an average sentence of 5.0
The third set of the hundred words containing 145 syllables with 6.8 average sentences.
From these results it’s clear that the readability of the book is inconsistent and therefore uneven. The accuracy can be linked to the differences in the number of syllables and sentences in the excerpts.

Visual Tool
The process of acquiring knowledge involves hearing of the information that is through teaching, reading or from audio sources. The information taught should be understood. The students are obligated to conceptualize the information to scrutinize any flaws within the knowledge. The extracted should be analyzed to determine the quality of information. It is at this that the relevance of the information is identified and practiced in different fields of life.

6. For this task I would imply the use of a resource based moodle. This will provide a resource centre in the internet and with a password that all the learners of the level can access without difficulty. This will furnish the learners with the necessary info on the information necessary to understand the technical parts of the book. The moodle presents a platform from which the learners and teachers are able to acquire knowledge that is not otherwise presented within the classroom setting. On the topics of the book, like the application of technology on literature studies, the students are able to do extensive research through the moodle and seek clarification on the challenging topics and acquire general knowledge.

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