California Soul Concert Report

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I have never been deeply interested in soul before, preferring mostly jazz and blues, but with my personal development, my tastes in music change. Therefore, I decided to attend the venue that is called “California Soul” that was directed by Elkhanah Pulitzer (Los Angeles Philharmonic Association n.p.). The concert took place on September 27, 2018, in in Los Angeles, and I would say that it was one of the best auditory and visual performances that I have ever seen in my life. It was a real gala celebration of jazz and soul, and the program was full of combinations of different musical styles as well.

“California Soul” concert was performed in the glorious Walt Disney Concert Hall that was full with thousands of visitors. It was my first time when I attended such a large place where the festive gala celebration was held. I felt that the entire venue was dedicated to the creation of the splendid atmosphere and positive perception of the audience who came there to celebrate their love for jazz and soul. There were many powerful performers whom I consider the real masters of their genres. For example, Chris Martin from Coldplay was singing the song “Good Vibrations” that was originally performed by the famous Beach Boys group, being at the same time accompanied by the orchestra of Los Angeles Philharmonic (Los Angeles Master Chorale n.p.). I would say, that the combination of Chris Martin’s voice with the powerful sound of the drums and violin made me feel the solemn atmosphere of the “California Soul” concert.

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Also, during the gala event, I personally saw Tracy Silverman who is called one of the best electric violinists. His mastery and the impeccable way of playing made me listen to him in awe. There were a lot of other people who originally performed in a different style of music, for example, there was Corinne Bailey Rae who is actually an R&B singer. She sang very tenderly, being accompanied by the orchestra that was conducted by talented Gustavo Dudamel who is considered one of the most exceptional masters in his field. Corinne Bailey Rae performed the songs “You’re Gonna Hear from Me” that was originally written by André Previn. When Corinne Bailey Rae performed other songs during the “California Soul” concert, she proved that her beautiful and mellow voice could be easily aligned with the motives of jazz and soul.

Over the course of the festive gala, I had an opportunity to listen to many songs that were the brilliant tributes to the most powerful performers of the past decades who already embedded their names in the history of music, being also renowned and almost worshiped all around the globe. For example, there was a special tribute to the song “L.A. Woman” that was performed by Jim Morrison from The Doors. I admired the different interpretation of the music as it was performed by Chris Martin, and the changed rhythm of the song. I always appreciate the uniqueness of the individual approach of ever musician who makes a cover of somebody else’s song since I like to see how it can change with the different performer.

I also made some video recordings of the performances I liked the best, and I am convinced that I will review each video and photo file to rediscover the new nuances of the songs I heard. I especially loved the new arrangements of the popular songs that were aligned with the African mysticism, old school sound of jazz and blues, and there were even the opera sketches. I adored the mix of the styles and their interaction with the orchestration that involved cellos, violins, and drums. I did not even think that the concert would be over too soon for me because inspired by the music, I did not notice how several hours passed. It was a deeply emotional and spiritual experience since I uncovered many talented artists and made my love for classical music even more powerful because I saw how it could sound in the combination with jazz and soul. Overall, it was very pleasant and truly organic experience.

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