California“s Water

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The episode that has been selected for the analysis is Water Innovation Stretching Our Water Supplies- California’s Water (125). In regard to the points of interest from the episode, the locations that were visited include California through California Delta, agricultural land, canal and extensive grassland and tree plantation. The venture involved the use of one single road. Some of the geographical futures found in the spot of interest include drainage such as water. There is also California Delta. The surrounding land is an extensive agricultural land. There are both cash and food crop grown in the region. There are also canals. There are tall grasses that are used to feed dairy cattle. The latitudinal and longitudinal location of California delta are 38.0680° N, 121.8427° W respectively.

The episode takes place in California at California Delta. The center of interest was predominantly founded by Miwok and Maidu.

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According to Jensen and Carol (page 12, 2007) general history of the Delta is that it was formed at the western edge of the Central Valley through the confluence of San Joaquin and Sacramento rivers and lies as they enter Suisun Bay.

The water in California is essential for wildlife, domestic use, recreational and agricultural use. The people living here use water to grow fruits. California Delta provides water that is used in California state and many other states. It provides water to more than 25 million people.

The fun story about is that California Delta provides the site for recreational activities such as boat riding. The government restricts the amount of water taken out from the delta. There is the progress to reclaim the parts of the delta that had been destroyed back to the original state it was 15o years ago. The vast part of the delta that had been destroyed is under the process of recovery through government intervention. It is characterized by fish, birds, and wildlife. There is wind gauge at the tree plantation for determining the speed of wind.

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