The Water Cycle and Information Technology

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The water cycle, also known as the hydrologic cycle, is the constant movement of water on the earth to maintain a constant mass of water on the planet. This involves the flow of water between the three states, liquid, ice, and vapor. The water cycle is essential to life on earth. In arid areas, water conservation and usage is an important issue. Computer models help to predict and manage water usage in critical areas. In addition, computer modeling can help to determine where to best place engineering projects, such as hydroelectric dams and other structures that use water so that it does not threaten the water table.

In communities where water is scarce, computer modeling can help to determine the capacity of potable water that is available for human and animal consumption. It can take many factors into consideration such as expected population growth, industrial activities in the area, and the speed of the replenishment cycle. Using a computer driven algorithm can help scientists, city planners, emergency management agencies, and health officials take actions to make certain that there is enough water in the region to sustain life and human activity.

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Computer modeling has been used to calculate important factors in the hydrologic cycle for some time, and the programs and capabilities continue to become more complex. Considerable attention is placed in trying to build models that are more accurate and better predictors of the future of this important resource. This is essential as human communities continue to grow in the future. In addition, many water related activities, such as waste water management use computer controlled systems.

Computer modeling will remain a valuable resource in water management practices. This is a specialized area of information technology management that represents an essential function in the IT field. The ability to build accurate models will assure the survival of humans into the distant future. The capabilities of current computer models are impressive. New developments promise to expand these capabilities even further in the future. In this way, the water cycle and the IT field are intimately connected.

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