Career Interest Statement

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As a professional corrections officer of 20 years, I have already attained the career that I wanted and have been successful in it. At this point, I find that my interest in furthering my career and becoming eligible for promotions within the system has led me to pursue my Bachelor’s degree. While college degrees are not required where I work, earning a degree in the criminal justice field will help me to advance in my career beyond what I could do with just a high school diploma (“Corrections Officer Career, Job, and Degree Information”).

With a degree, I will be able to gain supervisory duties and might even be promoted into a senior corrections officer position (“Corrections Officer Career, Job, and Degree Information). Depending on the electives I choose while pursuing my degree, or any specialization I decide on, I will have more choices about what type of facility I want to work in. There are specializations which focus on working in juvenile detention centers, adult correction facilities, half-way houses, and even as probation or parole officers.

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While I have been very happy in my job so far, I feel that it is time for me to further my education so that I have more options if I decide to pursue them. I might want to try something different; I might not. It would be nice to have the option, and without a college degree, that is something that I do not have. I also feel that education is always a good thing to have, whether or not the benefits are tangible, as in a promotion or better job, or intangible, as in a better understanding of the best way to understand the population that I currently work with. Either way, furthering my education will benefit me in some way.

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