Impact Statement, Education And Career Goals

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Impact statement

The vital contribution of an educated person to the immediate community that participates in the upbringing of the individual can never be understated. The skills, knowledge and experiences that the individual obtains from years of schooling play a critical role in shaping the social and economic aspects of the community. In that regard, the activities ascribed to mechanical engineering impact positively on my community. For instance on the economic front, provision of mechanical services have greatly contributed to the expansion of the community’s economic output. From the development of processes and products that range from extremely large machinery, plants and vehicles, to the design of small components, the community is able to benefit positively from the incomes and sale of those products.

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I greatly contribute on a voluntary basis to the running of schools, hospitals and the children’s museum in my community. This, in addition to the human capacity necessary for the effective and efficient running of those institutions, ensures faster delivery of the requisiste services. On the social front, my activities have led to the promotion of cohesion in the society and assist in achieving the goal of raising an educated and healthy populace. The activities also contribute to preservation of the community’s culture, values and traditions through the museum.

Educational and career goals
The completion of a high school education with basic knowledge obtained from the discipline of Mechanical Engineering lays the ground for my quest to work in the automotive industry. After that, I plan to apply for a scholarship to attend any of the reputable universities in the nation to pursue studies grounded to the mechanical engineering job description. My aim will be to achieve an undergraduate degree for a Bachelor of Science in Automotive Technology.

The degree will equip me with the necessary skills and knowledge ascribed to the engineering technologies that are essential in the modern automotive industry. The topics that I expect to cover before the degree is awarded include; manufacturing management, diesel and heavy equipment, collision repair, automotive repair and many others. With the degree, I expect to work in research facilities for advanced vehicle systems, collision repair institutions, automated insurance service companies or any appropriate company, as opportunities that come with the degree are vast. That will launch my career path. I plan to work tirelessly and to make great efforts to ensure that I slowly climb the career ladder to reach the top of the pyramid. Future aims will involve adding to the knowledge to shift from the undergraduate to post graduate level.

Unusual circumstances
Unusual personal and family issues have both affected my achievements in school, work and participation in school and community activities in recent months. As a personal issue, the death of my grandfather affected my performance in school. The death consumed a great portion of my time leading to a fall in my grades in school and my failure to prosper in the school’s sporting activities. It was hard to accept the fact that the grandfather that we dearly loved had passed on. This almost curtailed my prospects of receiving the scholarship on which I am reliant to achieve my education and career development goals. My grandfather’s death meant that I could not participate in any work or community activities in addition to schoolwork during that moment of grief and difficulty. During the period, school meant nothing to me as I felt that the cruelty of death had deprived the will and zeal to live from my life. The situation affected my entire family, as my grandfather was always instrumental as a source of motivation and encouragement. It took a lot of time and counseling programs from the church before my parents and I got back to normalcy.

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