Orientation Programs For New Hires

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There are a lot of dynamics when it comes to a new employee joining a company. This paper will look at some reasons why orientation programs are helpful.

When a new employee joins a company, there can be a lot of nervous interaction at first. The employee doesn’t know very much about the company’s culture, and the company, and employees, have to adjust to having a new member of their team. Having a new hire orientation can be helpful for both the new employee and the company. The organization can introduce fundamentals of the company, such as rules, and details of the job (Richards). According to Jean Barbazette of The Training Clinic, fewer mistakes can be made by employees, who feel more relaxed.

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Two benefits of a properly conducted orientation program are that the employee will be able to not only learn some very important issues about the job, such as expectations for their hours and days of the week, but it can be done in a way to make the employee feel welcome. Even showing the employee where the coffee machine is can be considered part of the program, because it provides an icebreaker to a nervous situation. Another benefit, is that the employee can feel free to ask any questions they may have about their job duties, or on specific rules.

If my company didn’t offer an orientation, I would still have the human resource director sit down with them and explain several issues, such as sexual harassment regulations and various appeals processes should an issue crop up. I would definitely have the supervisor, or HR director show the new employee around, introduce him to his new co-workers, and discuss the various fringe benefits, such as insurances, that may be offered. That way, any confusion in the future can be resolved, so that the employee won’t have to worry and can concentrate on being productive.

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