Career Goals – Computer Science

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I am currently an undergraduate majoring in Computer Science, with a passion for discovering the potential of computer technology to solve problems and create possibilities. Although I am not yet sure exactly which career I wish to pursue in the future, my interests are focused on two key areas: computer security and artificial intelligence. As technology and computing systems continue to develop at exponential rates, the need for specialists in cyber-security is only likely to grow; such specialists are almost like virtual detectives, pitching their resources against the formidable expertise of those who seek to breach security protections, and policing the cyber world.

A career in this field involves wide-ranging computing skills, an innovative approach to problem solving, and the ability to adapt quickly and flexibly to changing situations. With so many industries increasingly reliant on technology, it is also likely that specialists will remain in high demand, with competitive salaries and good job security. I am also, however, attracted to a career in artificial intelligence. Exploring the ways in which humans and computers can evolve in tandem, this field seems to me to represent the cutting-edge of computer science. This field is likely to see the most innovative applications of computing technology in the future, and as such a career in artificial intelligence is an exciting and inspiring prospect.

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With these two potential careers in mind, NYIT offers an ideal program of study. By offering both extensive general background courses in computing, as well as specializations in both cyber-security and artificial intelligence, the NYIT M.S. in Computer Science provides a clear path to success in my chosen fields. At the same time, the program’s inclusion of opportunities for research and development attached to real research projects offers a valuable chance to create professional networks and to gain practical experience in the field. NYIT, therefore, is the perfect program in terms of furthering my career goals.

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