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My main career goal is to become a registered nurse, or RN, at a children’s hospital. I want to work full-time in this position, as well as continue to educate myself to become a better nurse. The main reason that I have chosen this career path is so I can use my knowledge, skills, and compassion to help children heal in a comfortable and safe environment. This career research packet covers of the relevant information that I can use to reach this career goal successfully.

The first thing I considered when choosing my ideal career is what type of education I need to achieve my goals. To become an RN, I am completing a two-year program (Associates of Applied Science) at TMCC. After this, I plan to apply to a nursing program that will give me an Associates of Nursing degree (Clarke, 2017). My options include the TMCC Nursing Program and the Maxine S. Jacobs Nursing Program. I eventually want to proceed to getting my bachelor’s in nursing degree (BSN) which will give me access to more choices in my career and give me the knowledge and skills I need to advance (Clarke, 2017). I want to complete this online at the UNR Orvis School of Nursing. This will allow me to continue to practice as an RN whilst getting my higher degree (Clarke, 2017). Becoming a RN or BSN also requires state licensure. One example of this is the National Council Licensure Exam, NCLEX (Clarke, 2017).

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I also considered what kind of company I want to work for. In this case, being a nurse requires that I work in some kind of healthcare facility, but there are still many different types to choose from. I want to work at a children’s hospital because they are dedicated to providing care to children. I would also like to work somewhere with some renown, and it has to be near Reno, NV. Finally, I want the financial security that benefits offer, including insurance, a retirement program, and a 401K if possible.

There are many reasons that I chose this major. Firstly, being a nurse requires compassion and communication, two skills which I believe I possess. I have learnt through personal interactions with nurses that it can be a rewarding career: helping people is one of my passions. I am also interested in the job security that nursing careers offer. The employment of registered nurses is projected to grow 16% between 2014 and 2024, meaning that there will always be new opportunities available (Norman, 2017). There is also some flexibility: nurses can work in a number of different environments once they are qualified, including clinics, hospitals, and surgical centers (Norman, 2017). Nursing wages are not particularly high, but the career does offer some financial stability: the median wages for 2015 are $32.45 hourly or $67.490 annually (Reinhard & Young, 2016).

My research has also led me to consider the job description for my chosen career. RNs are responsible for detailed reports and records and this requires a certain level of communication skill and knowledge of medication, disease, and finance (Clarke, 2017). Nurses also distribute medications, record medical information, and take vital signs (Clarke, 2017). These skills are learnt through experience on the job and through the education system. There is also the need to communicate with other healthcare providers to get them to review, plan, and assess patient care plans. Finally, nurses are expected to provide advice and emotional support to patients and their family members, giving compassion when things go wrong and help to improve health. Through this research, I believe that this career path is a good fit for my aims and goals.

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