Centripetal Force Lab

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The primary aim of this lab is to determine the correlation that exists between centripetal force, mass, and velocity of an object that is experiencing centripetal acceleration. The object will always be changing direction while maintaining its movement in its circular path. Centripetal force is the term used to refer to the acceleration acting on objects, which are oscillating in a circular path. The following equations can be used to depict the relationship

F = (MV^2)/r.

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The net force can be easily calculated as long as you have values for the mass velocity and distance from the radius of the circular path. Centripetal force like any other force is measured in Newton.

Error analysis
There were some errors in this lab. One of the largest errors committed in this lab relates to the measurement of the radius of the circular path. The measurement was not related to the calibrations made on the meter stick. The other possible source of error would be as a result of the confined space where the lab was conducted. This possibly made the spinning somewhat difficult. It made spinning at the same angle difficult, which would affect the velocity. To reduce this type of error, there is need to perform multiple trials at least two for each force.

Expansion questions
It is very important to let the apparatus spin through many revolutions before measuring the period. This is one way to counter with the errors that might arise as a result of measuring since in the earlier stages the object will not have gotten the right momentum as well as maintaining the circular path.

Percent error is calculated as follows
Δ%=(Experimental Value-Accepted Value)/(Accepted Value)*100
Experimental first attempt is 12.20 second, the accepted is less 0.10 seconds which is 12.10seconds
% error = 0.10/12.10 × 100% = 0.8%

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