Client Profile for Nike Store

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The ideal Nike store will be located on the same floor of a Houston downtown shopping center that houses a popular gym. Nike is a well-known supplier of athletic shoes and apparel as well as a major manufacturer of sports equipment.

The client needs and wants include a clean store that is attractive, colorful, and pleasing to the eyes. The client will be looking for sales staff who are well groomed, courteous, helpful and professional. The client will want a well-stocked store with a varied and comprehensive inventory. It will be important to have an enthusiastic salesperson to navigate the client to the right shoe, apparel or equipment. The proper salesperson will provide an edge to the Nike store by participating in sporting activities. This will offer a significant advantage to the client who is also likely to be an athlete whose lifestyle includes participation in a variety of aerobic sports.

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The Nike logo will be prominently displayed at the top of the glass door way of the well-lit store. The needed space will include the showroom that will house hundreds of shoe types, sports apparel and equipment. The storefront will be all glass so that customers can visualize the displayed inventory. The store will include stalls and sitting benches, a cashier area, and a back office for management and staff use. It will also include a sizeable space to keep the shoes, apparel and sports equipment. There will need to be a back room that will house the inventory.

Other fixtures that would be needed will be shoe racks, display furniture, adequate lighting, changing room(s) and music equipment and decorations. Security equipment would also be required. This could be a simple camera system connecting to a computer or other recording device.

With the right combination of enthusiastic salespersons, attractive merchandise, and an efficient layout the Nike store will offer the customer an experience that will encourage repeat clients.

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