Coaching Style

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In any sport, the techniques utilized by the coach will have a dramatic impact on the way the team and individual athlete performs. They play a critical role in motivating them, serving as a mentor and identifying different avenues to increase their levels of achievement. To fully understand their influence requires focusing on three different coaches. Each one can identify their importance, in helping to create a championship mindset.

Pete Carroll
Pete Carroll is the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks. He recently won the team’s first Super Bowl and had previously led the University of Southern California to several National Championships. His coaching style is to be a mentor and motivator for the athletes. This means that he is willing to encourage them to go the extra mile and wants to make it fun. These objectives are achieved through positive reinforcement and helping to build the individual’s confidence in themselves. At the same time, he emphasizes that no one is bigger than the team. This means that each person plays a critical role in contributing to the organization’s larger success. These variables make everybody more successful by taking a unique approach that will address the challenges they will face throughout the season. This enables him to use metaphors such as “taking care of the people in your program” to allow the team to excel. These words demonstrate a commitment towards caring about the other person and helping them to become better. This motivates and communicates a sense of vision everyone can relate to. In business, these ideas can be used to build a team that shares the same philosophy and is committed to do something more for the benefit of the organization. (The Power of Positive Coaching 2014)

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Erick Spoelstra
Erick Spoelstra is the head coach of the Miami Heat. He has led the team to two NBA Championships and is currently working towards a third. He takes a unique approach, by collaborating with the players to see how they all have a vested interest in winning and can help each other to make adjustments that benefit the team. This is achieved by listening to them and incorporating their ideas as a part of the organization’s strategy and philosophy. The result is that the Heat has overcome tremendous challenges in some of their most critical games. This improves motivation and it allows everyone to determine better ways to increase their ability to meet key objectives. To enforce these views, he focuses on trusting in each other as a basic value. This enables the team to identify critical mistakes and fix them while they are small. In business, these insights can be utilized to show that a sense of flexibility and openness must be embraced. Those who are able to do this will be more successful over the long term. (Miami Heat Players Appreciate Coach Erick Spoelstra 2014)

Glen Mills
Glen Mills is a sprinting coach from Jamaica. He currently works with Usain Bolt and Yohan Blake at the Racers Track Club. His basic philosophy is: learn to lose in order to become better. This is when the individual can gain critical insights that will help them to build for the future. These ideas are utilized as symbols of overcoming adversity and not letting anything stand in the athlete’s way of embracing this type of mindset. In business, this style of coaching can be utilized to create an atmosphere of continuous learning. This takes place from understanding how adversity can make the organization stronger and learning from key mistakes. In the future, this sets the stage for even greater levels of success, by taking these ideas and refining them. Once this happens, is when the organization will become more responsive to the various challenges they encounter. (Lightening Bolt 2009)

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